A visit to cambridge class 8 MCQ Question and Answer

A visit to cambridge class 8 chapter 7 English honeydew MCQ Question and Answer

A visit to cambridge class 8 MCQ Book honeydew taken from NCERT Solution for class 8 were prepared according to the latest exam pattern practicing these A visit to cambridge class 8 mcq really effective to improve your understanding level .

Question:1 who is the speaker ?

  1. stephen hawking
  2. firdaus kanga
  3. Mr. Brown
  4. The guide

Question:2 with whom was the speaker going to meet ?

  1. Mr. Brown
  2. A scientist
  3. A philosopher
  4. stephen hawking -a scientist

Question:3 what is the common between the speaker and the person he is talking ?

  1. Both are politicians
  2. Both are Indians
  3. Both are handicapped
  4. Both are cambridge graduate

Question:4 what question did the speaker ask ?

  1. To give message to all
  2. To give message to the handicapped
  3. To give something to his friend
  4. None of these

Question:5 How did he bid him good bye ?

  1. by shaking hand with him
  2. by waving his hand
  3. by toucing his hand
  4. by touching on his shoulder

Question:6 Firdaus janga is a

  1. Journalist
  2. scientist
  3. friend of hawkimg
  4. politician

Question:7 Hawking was a

  1. scientist
  2. journalist
  3. friend of kanga
  4. politician

Question:8 A disabled person is fed up when people

  1. show sympathy
  2. give him charity
  3. try to help him
  4. ask him to be brave

Question:9 Kanga felt guilty everytime he spoke to hawking because

  1. Hawking had to work hard to respond
  2. he was wasting his own time
  3. both
  4. none

Question:10 Hawking felt amused when people

  1. sympathized with him
  2. patronised him
  3. disturbed him
  4. None of these

Question:11 How long did the meeting last ?

  1. less than an hour
  2. more than an hour
  3. two hours
  4. for hours

Question:12 what was the scientist deadly against ?

  1. The Disabed Olympics
  2. The spanish Guitar
  3. swimming
  4. writing

Question:13 where had the writer come from ?

  1. India
  2. China
  3. Japan
  4. Sri lanka

Question:14 why did he wish to meet hawking ?

  1. hawking was a living genius
  2. hawking had called him
  3. hawking was too depressed
  4. None of these

Question:15 How long did the writer expect to be allowed to meet the scientist ?

  1. Ten minutes
  2. Half an hour
  3. One hour
  4. Two hours

Question:16 The writer was fed up with certain people because they are

  1. too sympathetic
  2. too persuasive
  3. too discouraging
  4. too interfering

Question:17 what did the speaker gleefully do ?

  1. He played on the guitar
  2. he threw the guitar away
  3. he broke the strings of the guitar
  4. he became quite

Question:18 when does the speaker feel inspired to do better ?

  1. when he sees other disabled celebrities
  2. when he is give a good opportunity
  3. both a
  4. None

Question:19 One feels inspired and confident when one finds someone in the same or worse circumstances

  1. needing his help
  2. living a decent life
  3. doing something great
  4. earning much money

Question:20 Cambridge was the only important thing in

  1. England
  2. Orissa
  3. China
  4. canada

Question:21 The author says” cambridge was my metaphor for England” it means that for him.

  1. Cambridge was as important as England
  2. England was more important that cambridge
  3. cambridge was the only important thing in England
  4. Cambridge and England were the same

Question:22 Firdaus kanga is a

  1. Scientist
  2. Journalist
  3. Friend of hawking
  4. Politician

Question:23 I have’t been brave’ said his disembodied computer -voice, the next afternoon” I’ ve had no choice”

who is I” referred to ?

  1. Stephen hawking
  2. Firdaus kanga
  3. Hawking’s secretary
  4. None of the above

Question:24 Cambridge was my metaphor for England”. To the writer

  1. Cambridge was a reputed university in England
  2. England was famous for cambridge
  3. Cambridge was the real England
  4. Engalnd is the real cambridge

Question:25 The writer phoned stephen hawking’s house

  1. From the nearest phone both
  2. From outside a phone both
  3. From inside a phone both
  4. from the hotel telephone

Question:26 Every time he spoke to the scientist the writer felt guilty because

  1. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to ask
  2. he forced the scientist to use his voice synthesiser
  3. He was face to face with a legend
  4. he was speaking too fast

Question:27 what did the writer wish to do when he was leaving hawking’s residence ?

  1. The writer wanted to kiss hawking and cry
  2. the writer wanted to hug hawking
  3. the writer wanted to run away
  4. the writer wanted to say kind word’s to hawking

Question:28 How long did the meeting last ?

  1. Less than an hour
  2. more than an hour
  3. Two hours
  4. For hours

Question:29 felt a huge relief… in the possibilities of my body” In the given context, the highlighted words refer to

  1. shifting up, walking
  2. speaking, writing
  3. speaking, writing
  4. Turning head

Question:30 I know what you mean” I remember the years I’d spent trying to play a spanish guitar considerably larger than I was” and how gleefully I had unstringed it one night.

The speaker of the above lines is

  1. Firdaus Kanga
  2. Hawking
  3. Hawking’s assistant
  4. Newton
  5. a

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