Birth class 11 chapter 7 MCQs Question and Answer

Birth class 11 chapter 7 English Snapshots MCQs Question and Answer

Birth class 11 Chapter 7 MCQ NCERT Solution for class 11 English Snapshots Birth class 11 chapter 7 MCQ Question and Answer were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these Birth class 11 MCQ Question and Answer really effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts.

Birth class 11 MCQ

Birth class 11 MCQ

Question:1 Why did the child become slippery in Andrew’s hand?

  1. Because of the atmosphere in the room
  2. Because Andrew was losing his focus
  3. Because of constant Juggling between waters
  4. None of the above

Explanation: The child likely became slippery in Andrew’s hand due to factors such as sweat, moisture, or wetness on the child’s skin, rather than the reasons listed in the options provided.

Question:2 who is the author of Birth”?

  1. A.J. Cornin
  2. J.B Priestley
  3. Andrew Manson
  4. Edward Page

Explanation: The author of “Birth” is known for his compelling narratives that explore human nature and societal intricacies

Question:3 After trying for fifteen minutes, Andrew felt

  1. Accomplished
  2. Hopeful
  3. hopeless
  4. Confident

Explanation: After trying for fifteen minutes, Andrew’s feelings indicated a certain state of mind regarding his efforts.

Question:4 Where did Joe Morgan live?

  1. Number 11, Blaina Terrace
  2. Number 14, Bryngower
  3. Number 12, Blaina Terrace
  4. Number 12, Bryngower

Explanation: Joe Morgan resided at a specific location, which is crucial to understanding the story’s context.

Question:5 How does the author describe the bedroom of Joe’s house?

  1. Well furnished
  2. Poorly furnished
  3. Dirty
  4. Both B and C

Explanation: The author describes the bedroom in Joe’s house, which sets the scene for the narrative.

Question:6 what all things did Andrew use in the treatment?

  1. Hot and cold water
  2. Basins and towels
  3. A blanket
  4. All of the above

Explanation: Andrew utilized various items during the treatment process, each serving a specific purpose in addressing the situation at hand.

Question:7 During the whole incident, Joe did not enter the house, why?

  1. Because he was superstitious
  2. Because he didn’t want to disturb
  3. Because he didn’t want to see the child
  4. Because he was anxious

Explanation: Throughout the incident, Joe refrained from entering the house for a specific reason, which sheds light on his character and motivations.

Question:8 How did Andrew try to save the stillborn?

  1. Using a special method of respiration
  2. Calling Dr. Edward
  3. Taking him to a hospital
  4. Giving him blood

Explanation: Andrew made specific efforts to save the stillborn, reflecting his dedication and resourcefulness in the face of adversity.

Question:9 How long did it take for Andrew’s efforts to yield results?

  1. Fifteen minutes
  2. All efforts went into vain
  3. One hour
  4. Half an hour

Explanation: The duration of Andrew’s efforts to yield results is a crucial aspect of the narrative, reflecting the intensity and challenges faced during the situation.

Question:10 In the dilemma he faced, what did Andrew do?

  1. Check up on Susan’s first
  2. Check upon the child first
  3. Ran away
  4. Left it to handle to the midwife

Explanation: In the difficult situation he encountered, Andrew had to make a crucial decision regarding his course of action, reflecting his priorities and responsibilities.

Question:11 Why is the lesson named “Birth”?

  1. Because the doctor is specialist in childbirth
  2. Because a lot of childbirth take place
  3. Because it is about birth of a child
  4. Because it talks about philosophy of life

Explanation: The title “Birth” carries significance, reflecting the central theme or focus of the lesson.

Question:12 Andrew did his medical practice under the assistance of

  1. Dr. Page
  2. Dr. Morgan
  3. Dr. William
  4. Dr. Shane

Explanation: During his medical practice, Andrew received guidance and mentorship from a specific individual, which influenced his professional development.

Question:13 why did Andrew get oblivious to all the work he had done in Blaenelly?

  1. Because he got all hopeless
  2. Because he did something extraordinary that night
  3. Because he was leaving Blaenelly
  4. Because he got tired

Explanation: Andrew’s state of mind regarding his work in Blaenelly reflects his emotional and psychological journey throughout the narrative.

Question:14 What did Andrew remember in the middle of ongoing treatment?

  1. About his love for Christine
  2. Morgan’s family’s longing for a child
  3. His time in Samaritan
  4. About his obligation as a doctor

Explanation: In the midst of the ongoing treatment, Andrew’s recollection of certain memories or realizations adds depth to his character and the narrative’s progression.

Question:15 What did Andrew conclude from the whiteness of the child?

  1. That he was dead
  2. That he suffered from lack of oxygen
  3. That he should be taken to hospital
  4. That Andrew couldn’t save him

Explanation: Andrew’s conclusion regarding the whiteness of the child highlights his assessment of the situation and the urgency of the medical intervention required.

Question:16 Who was waiting for Andrew at midnight?

  1. Dr. Edward
  2. Christine
  3. Joe Morgan
  4. Mrs. Morgan’s mother

Explanation: The presence of someone waiting for Andrew at midnight underscores the interpersonal dynamics and relationships within the narrative.

Question:17 How was the newborn child?

  1. Healthy
  2. Lifeless
  3. Underweight
  4. Anaemic

Explanation: The condition of the newborn child provides insight into the challenges faced by Andrew and the gravity of the situation.

Question:18 What does the author refer to as a miracle “?

  1. Life getting into the stillborn
  2. Morgan family welcoming a child
  3. Susan getting consciousness
  4. None of the above

Explanation: The reference to a “miracle” in the narrative reflects a pivotal moment or event that defies expectations and carries profound significance.

Question:19 Birth of Susan’s child was a turning point in. Dr. Andrew’s life Do you agree?

  1. Absolutely
  2. Not at all
  3. Partially
  4. Not clear from the story

Explanation: The significance of the birth of Susan’s child in Dr. Andrew’s life reflects the narrative’s exploration of personal and professional transformation.

Question:20 But her hands were together, her lips moved without sound. who is her?

  1. Susan
  2. Midwife
  3. Mrs. Morgan’s mother
  4. Not clear from the story

Explanation: The identification of the individual described in the passage reflects the narrative’s attention to detail and the emotional depth of the scene.

Question:21 After how many years were Joe and Susan blessed with a child?

  1. Five Years
  2. Twelve years
  3. Twenty years
  4. Fifteen years

Explanation:The duration of time that Joe and Susan waited before being blessed with a child is a significant aspect of their journey and the narrative’s themes.

Question:22 How has the author described Mrs. Morgan’s mother?

  1. Wise and grey-haired
  2. In her seventies
  3. Both A and B
  4. None of the above

Explanation: The author’s description of Mrs. Morgan’s mother provides insights into her character and role within the narrative.

Question:23 When Andrew approached Susan was accompanied by her mother and ……………

  1. Joe
  2. Father
  3. A Midwife
  4. Mother-in-law

Explanation: The presence of specific individuals during Andrew’s approach to Susan highlights the familial and interpersonal dynamics within the narrative.

Question:24 What all things did Andrew use in the treatment?

  1. Hot and cold water
  2. Basins and towels
  3. A blanket
  4. All of the above

Explanation: Andrew’s utilization of various items during the treatment process reflects his resourcefulness and commitment to the situation at hand.

Question:25 while waiting at Joe’s house. what did Andrew think about?

  1. About baby’s birth
  2. Failed marriages and Christine
  3. About his childhood
  4. Nothing

Explanation:Andrew’s thoughts while waiting at Joe’s house offer insights into his inner turmoil and contemplations during the narrative’s progression.

Question:26 What was the name of Dr. Andrew’s girlfriend?

  1. Kristine
  2. Christine
  3. Christina
  4. Susan

Explanation: The mention of Dr. Andrew’s girlfriend’s name adds depth to his character and relationships within the narrative.

Question:27 What can you say about Dr. Andrew after reading “birth?

  1. He did not put all his efforts
  2. he fulfilled his obligations well as a doctor
  3. His skills were not enough
  4. he was arrogant

Explanation: Dr. Andrew’s portrayal and character development in “Birth” reflect his professional and personal journey, offering insights into his dedication and capabilities as a doctor.

Question:28 Why did the Child become slippery in Andrew’s hand?

  1. Because of the atmosphere in the room
  2. Because Andrew was losing his focus
  3. Because of constant Juggling between waters
  4. None of the above

Explanation:The reason behind the child becoming slippery in Andrew’s hand highlights the challenges and circumstances faced during the situation described in the narrative.

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