The Little Girl class 9 chapter 3 MCQ Question and Answer

The Little Girl class 9 chapter 3 English Beehive MCQs Question and Answers

The Little Girl class 9 MCQ NCERT Solution for class 9 English Beehive class 9 English chapter 3 MCQ were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these Class 9 English chapter 3 MCQ Question and Answer really effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts.

Question:1 How did little Kezia mostly see her father as ?

  1. As a short man
  2. As a figure to be scared of
  3. As a short tempered man
  4. As a hero

Question:2 why did Grandmother send Kezia down to the drawing room on Sunday afternoon ?

  1. To give her father and mother tea.
  2. To have a nice talk with them.
  3. To seek their permission to go out for.
  4. To help them in their household jobs playing.

Question:3 what things did Kezia’s father demand when he reached home in the evening ?

  1. A Cup of tea
  2. Newspaper
  3. Slippers
  4. All of the above

Question:4 why does the grandmother ask the little girl to go make a present for her father ?

  1. The father’s birthday was the next week
  2. the father was going to be retired the next week
  3. the father was going to get a big reward
  4. all are options

Question:5 where would Kezia find her father’s feet to be on ?

  1. A Cushion
  2. One of the best cushion
  3. on the carpet
  4. on the bedsheet

Question:6 who did the father ask for the newspaper and his slippers ?

  1. The little girl
  2. The little girl’s grandmother
  3. Kezia’s mother
  4. None of these

Question:7 where did Kezia acquire scarps from ?

  1. Her garden
  2. Her room
  3. her mother’s room
  4. her father’s study table

Question:8 where had kezia’s grandmother and mother gone one day ?

  1. To market
  2. to hospital
  3. to the cinema
  4. to on a picnic

Question:9 what was the name of the cook in Kezia’s house ?

  1. Alice
  2. Julie
  3. Anne
  4. Maria

Question:10 when did Kezia speak with halts ?

  1. while talking to her father.
  2. while talking to her teacher
  3. while talking to other people
  4. while talking to her classmates.

Question:11 what is the pattern of these nightmares that Kezia has ?

  1. They are rare.
  2. they visit often.
  3. they are nonsensical
  4. they visit once a month.

Question:12 when was Kezia able to find her father relaxing around the house ?

  1. Thursday mornings.
  2. Sunday mornings
  3. saturday mornings
  4. Saturday evening.

Question:13 what gift did Kezia want to give to her father on his birthday ?

  1. a pin-cushion
  2. a cigarette lighter
  3. a pen
  4. a shirt

Question:14 where did Kezia sit in the drawing room ?

  1. On the Sofa
  2. On a chair
  3. On a stool
  4. On a bed

Question:15 who tore up father’s great speech ?

  1. Kezia’s mother
  2. Kezia
  3. Kezia’s brother
  4. Kezia’s grandmother

Question:16 How did Kezia feel when her father left for the office ?

  1. A sense of relief
  2. Lonely
  3. Unhappy
  4. Depressed

Question:17 where was Kezia’s father to be give the great speech ?

  1. Parliament
  2. State Assembly
  3. Port authority
  4. Rail authority

Question:18 what does Kezia’s father compare her to ?

  1. A cat
  2. A fox
  3. A sparrow
  4. An owl

Question:19 what was the name of the little girl ?

  1. Margie
  2. Kezia
  3. Elline
  4. Evelyn

Question:20 In the evening where did Kezia stand and hear her father’s loud voice ?

  1. Near the staircase
  2. At the balcony
  3. Beside the bedroom
  4. Across the entrance

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