From the Diary of Anne Frank class 10 chapter 4 MCQs Question and Answer

From the Diary of Anne Frank class 10 chapter 4 English First Flight MCQs Question and Answer

From the Diary of Anne Frank class 10 MCQ NCERT Solution for class 10 English First Flight From the Diary of Anne Frank class 10 MCQ Question and Answer were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these From the Diary of Anne Frank class 10 chapter 4 MCQ Question and Answer really effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts.

Question:1 who was Anne’s true friend ?

  1. Her Pen Kitty”
  2. Her cat Kitty’
  3. Her diary Kitty’
  4. None of the above

Question:2 How does she want to begin her diary ?

  1. By Writing her name
  2. By giving an introduction
  3. By writing about her nobody
  4. None of the above

Question:3 what do most people do in their diary ?

  1. About their hobby
  2. write facts
  3. write their happiest moment
  4. None of the above

Question:4 who is Anne’s long awaited friend ?

  1. Her Pen
  2. Her cat
  3. Her diary
  4. Her Dog

Question:5 when was Anne’s born ?

  1. On 12th June, 1929
  2. On 12th June, 1930
  3. On 12th June, 19231
  4. On 12th June, 1932

Question:6 How does the Anne explain his father ?

  1. Most Adorable father
  2. Most Angry father
  3. Most delicate father
  4. None of the above

Question:7 who was Mr. Keesing ?

  1. Anne’s father
  2. Anne’s maths teacher
  3. Anne’s uncle
  4. All of these

Question:8 what was topic of the essay written by Anne ?

  1. My Diary
  2. A Chatterbox
  3. A letterbox
  4. All of these

Question:9 what is a student’s trait ?

  1. Walking
  2. Talking
  3. Running
  4. Studying

Question:10 what was the subject on which she had to write ?

  1. Necessity of walking
  2. Necessity of Running
  3. Necessity of Talking
  4. Necessity of studying

Question:11 who is the writer of From the Diary of Anne Frank “?

  1. Robert Frost
  2. Anne Frank
  3. Shirley Toulson
  4. None of the above

Question:12 what was Anne’s age when started writing Diary ?

  1. 11
  2. 12
  3. 13
  4. 14

Question:13 According to Anne, what has more paitience than people

  1. Paper
  2. Relatives
  3. Friends
  4. Pen

Question:14 Age of Anne’s sister

  1. 13
  2. 14
  3. 15
  4. 16

Question:15 what name does she give to her Diary ?

  1. Kitty
  2. Prity
  3. Both A and B
  4. All of these

Question:16 what was the age of Anne’s father when he got married.

  1. 35
  2. 36
  3. 37
  4. 38

Question:17 what was the age of Anne’s mother when he got married.

  1. 24
  2. 25
  3. 26
  4. 27

Question:18 what was the name of Anne’s sister ?

  1. Pragat
  2. Bharat
  3. Margot
  4. All of these

Question:19 why was writing in a diary a strange experience for Anne?

  1. she had never written anything before
  2. she didn’t know how to write
  3. neither she nor anyone else would be interested in it later
  4. Both A and C

Question:20 why does Anne want to keep a diary ?

  1. she has no close friends
  2. she loves to write
  3. she wants people to read about her later
  4. she likes the idea of it

Question:21 which subject was she not sure of passing ?

  1. Maths
  2. Science
  3. English
  4. All of the above

Question:22 why was Mr keeing annoyed with her ?

  1. She was not a good student
  2. she was talkative
  3. she was rude
  4. all of the above

Question:23 which topic was she to write an essay on as a part of her punishment ?

  1. A Chatterbox
  2. An Incorrigible chatterbox
  3. Quack, Quack, Quack, said Mistress chatterbox
  4. all of the above

Question:24 what Language was the Diary originally written in ?

  1. Spanish
  2. English
  3. Dutch
  4. French

Question:25 How did Anne Justify her being talkative in the essay ?

  1. She discussed the subject topics in class
  2. it is a habit
  3. it is an inherited trait from her mother and you can’t do much about it
  4. the class is boring

Question:26 what shows Anne’s love for her grandmother ?

  1. She still thinks about her
  2. she misses her
  3. she let her birthday pass with little celebration
  4. Both A and B

Question:27 why does Anne think she was lonely ?

  1. she had no friends
  2. she had no real friends
  3. she was all alone
  4. she was an introvert

Question:28 why was she unable to get closer to her already existing friends ?

  1. she didn’t like her friends
  2. her friends are not understanding
  3. she can’t bring herself to talk about personal stuff
  4. all of the above

Question:29 what would the kids bet about in class ?

  1. who is more talkative
  2. who would pass the class
  3. football matches
  4. baseball matches

Question:30 what did she write in her last essay ?

  1. A poem
  2. a joke
  3. A paragraph
  4. A funny poem

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