Going places class 12 chapter 8 MCQ Question and Answer

Going Places class 12 chapter 8 English Moments MCQ Question and Answer

going places MCQ NCERT Solution for class 12 English Moments chapter 8 were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these going places MCQ Really effective to Improve your basics and learn all the key concept.

going places mcq

Going places class 12

Question:1 who is A.R Barton ?

  1. A Modern writer
  2. Author of going places
  3. lives in Zurich and writers in English
  4. All of these

Question:2 what theme does Barton explore in this story ?

  1. Theme of children’s happiness
  2. theme of adolescent fantasising and hero worship
  3. Theme of elderly people hapiness
  4. theme of Individual happiness

Question:3 what is the meaning of the word ‘chuffed” ?

  1. Delighted or very pleased
  2. Not happy
  3. Frustrated
  4. None of the above

Question:4 what is the meaning of the word’ Nosey” Gawky “?

  1. Nosey” meaning curious ‘Gawkey” meaning awkward, ungainly
  2. Noisy and beautiful
  3. Noisy and useful
  4. Noisy and gainful

Question:5 The story” Going places” revolve around whom “?

  1. A fat boy
  2. An old couple
  3. A teenage girl Sophie, her family and friends
  4. None of the above

Question:6 what kind of gilr is sophie ?

  1. A happy girl
  2. A realistic
  3. Day dreamer
  4. A nughty child

Question:7 what is sophie in reality ?

  1. A dreamer
  2. A fighter
  3. A worker at biscuit factory
  4. None of the above

Question:8 what does sophie dream about ?

  1. Becoming an actor
  2. becoming a manager
  3. A sophisticated person
  4. becoming rich and sophisticated

Question:9 what is the turning point in the story ?

  1. when she fights with her brother
  2. when her father gets angry
  3. when her brother reveals he story
  4. when she thinks of meeting danny casey-a famous football players

Question:10 what story she make up in front of her brother ?

  1. she will become an actress
  2. she will become a manager
  3. she will be a famous beautician
  4. casey will come to meet her

Question:11 who are sophie and jansie ?

  1. Teenagers who are friends and classmates
  2. Neighbours
  3. Collegues
  4. Actors

Question:12 Explain words had to be pizzed out of him like stones out of a ground.

  1. it was difficult to speak to him
  2. it was difficult to locate him in shop
  3. it was difficult to locate him in factory
  4. it was difficult to get information out of him .

Question:13 where is sophie lost ?

  1. In her imagination dream of owning a boutique shop to become a famous fashion designer
  2. In her imagination
  3. In her dreams
  4. In her words

Question:14 why does jansie discourage sophie to dream big ?

  1. Because it requires a lot of money
  2. becasue it is not unrealistic
  3. because it is practical
  4. All of these

Question:15 why doe she want to be an actress ?

  1. To earn money
  2. To be famous
  3. To be a fashion designer
  4. To earn a lot of money and open a boutique to be famous fashion designer.

Question:16 why does sophie feel choked in the house ?

  1. Because of stove’s steam and dirtydishes
  2. Because of foul smell
  3. Because of smoke
  4. because of no air

Question:17 who is sophie’s elder brother ?

  1. Geoff-a trainee mechanic
  2. Jansie
  3. Danny Casey
  4. None of the above

Question:18 Explain on saturday they made their weekly pilgrimage to the united.

  1. Repairing stove
  2. Repairing a car
  3. Repairing a cooler
  4. went to the united dutifully with a lot of devotion

Question:19 what secret did sophie share with her brother ?

  1. she met Mary quaint a famous fashion designer
  2. she met prime minister
  3. she met Christopher
  4. she met danny casey a famous football

Question:20 which game are sophie and her family fans of ?

  1. Cricket
  2. Badminton
  3. volleyball
  4. football

Question:21 why vdid their favourite team win the match ?

  1. Because they played well
  2. they were united
  3. theyy planned well
  4. because of the goal made by casey

Question:22 who is sophie’s younger brother ?

  1. Geoff-a trainee mechanic
  2. derek
  3. frank
  4. casey

Question:23 why does sophie get angry with her brother ?

  1. Because he revealed her secret to jansie’s brother
  2. he doesn’t speak to her
  3. because of his silence
  4. None of the above

Question:24 where does sophie visit to meet casey in her imagination ?

  1. A football ground
  2. In the match
  3. In a hotel
  4. A secret place near canal

Question:25 what are the advanatges and disadvantages of fantasising ?

  1. Helps in dreaming big
  2. Hleps in achieving big
  3. Develops creative imagination and disadvanteg is that it makes people self obessed.
  4. None of these

Question:26 what kind pf person is sohpie’s father ?

  1. A kind hearted
  2. A loving and caring
  3. A hard core realistic
  4. carefree

MCQ Answers

Question NoAnswer Question NoAnswer
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