Iswaran the storyteller class 9 chapter 3 MCQ Question and Answer

Iswaran the storyteller class 9 chapter 3 English Moments MCQs Question and Answer

Iswaran the storyteller class 9 MCQ chapter 3 NECRT solution for class 9 MCQ were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these Iswaran the storyteller class 9 MCQ Question and Answer really effective to Improve your basics and learn all the key concept.

Iswaran the storyteller class 9 MCQ

Question:1 which art helped Iswaran to bring down the beast ?

  1. boxing
  2. wrestling
  3. ju-jitsu
  4. yoga

Question:2 what did Iswaran do to tackle the wild elephant ?

  1. hit on his truck
  2. hit on his third toenail
  3. sit on his neck with an iron goad
  4. pricked his truck with a needle

Question:3 where did the school boys hide themselves to see the mad elephant ?

  1. on trees
  2. in their houses
  3. in their classroom
  4. in the headmaster’s room

Question:4 when the elephant entered the school ground in which class was Iswaran studying ?

  1. junior
  2. senor
  3. 10th
  4. 12th

Question:5 what happend to the elephant when Iswaran hit on the third toenail of the elephant ?

  1. grunted loudly and collasped on the ground
  2. ran away from there ground
  3. caught Iswaran in his truck and threw him
  4. made friendship with Iswaran away

Question:6 From where was Iswaran watching this incident ?

  1. from a room
  2. the cuboard
  3. from a tree
  4. from the rooftop

Question:7 How was the mad elephant breaking the walls ?

  1. like toys
  2. like kettles
  3. like matchsticks
  4. like puppets

Question:8 why did the people run helter-skelter in panic ?

  1. to see the tiger
  2. to see a giant
  3. to see the mad elephant
  4. none of these

Question:9 In Iswaran story from where the tusker escaped ?

  1. cage
  2. timber yard
  3. forest
  4. circus

Question:10 How does Iswaran describe a fallen tree ?

  1. a huge mountan
  2. a huge building
  3. an enormous bushy beast
  4. a small thing

Question:11 what was the special feature of his stories ?

  1. light humour
  2. satire on system
  3. tragic ending
  4. suspense and a surprise ending

Question:12 Iswaran had an amazing capacity. what was it ?

  1. failling down big trees
  2. producing vegetables and cooking ingredients
  3. telling lies
  4. cheat shopkeepers

Question:13 what books did Iswaran read?

  1. tamil thrill
  2. Urdu stories
  3. Hndi novels
  4. Punjabi stories

Question:14 what was Mahindra’s marial status ?

  1. married
  2. windower
  3. engaged and going to be married soon
  4. bechelor

Question:15 whom does Mahendra narrate the story of Iswaran ?

  1. Ganesh
  2. Iswaran
  3. R.K Laxman
  4. None of these

Question:16 what was the name of Mahendra’s cook ?

  1. Iswaran
  2. Ganesh
  3. Ramu
  4. Shankaran

Question:17 How did Iswaran say the elephant was recieved ?

  1. He said he gave the elephant an injection.
  2. he said he gave the elephant artificial respiration.
  3. He said a veterinary doctor was called there.
  4. He said a man from the zoo helped to revive the elephant.

Question:18 Mahendra Iistened to Iswaran’s tales …….

  1. unattentively
  2. we-uncritically
  3. uneasily.
  4. unendingly

Question:19 who is a mahout ?

  1. a labourer
  2. an elephant’s driver
  3. a cook
  4. a writer

Question:20 why was a veterinary doctor summoned ?

  1. to treat Iswaran
  2. to treat the elephant
  3. to take the elephant away from there
  4. all the options are correct

Question:21 who is the writer of this lesson ?

  1. R,K Laxman
  2. D,K Tiwanan
  3. Khushwant Singh
  4. None

Question:22 what kind of story teller Iswaran was ?

  1. Good
  2. very good
  3. master storyteller
  4. None

Question:23 what was Iswaran fond of reading ?

  1. books
  2. comics
  3. fiction
  4. popular Tamil thriller

Question:24 what does the writer create while narrating his stories ?

  1. Melodrama
  2. humour
  3. suspense, surprise and dramatic flavour
  4. None

Question:25 whose story did Iswaran tell mahendra?

  1. leopard’s
  2. lion’s
  3. mad elephant
  4. None

Question:26 How did Iswaran make the elephant unconscious ?

  1. using a gun
  2. shooting at him
  3. giving him injection
  4. using japanese Art karate (Ju-Jitsu)

Question:27 where did the elephant enter ?

  1. Room
  2. house
  3. school ground
  4. None

Question:28 what did mahendra tell Iswaran after hearing ghosts’ story ?

  1. he was lying
  2. it was horrible
  3. ghosts do not exist in reality
  4. All

Question:29 what did Iswaran often see at night at his workplace ?

  1. ghosts
  2. elephant
  3. strange birds
  4. all

Question:30 what would Iswaran do after Manhendra had left ?

  1. Tidy up the shed
  2. wash the clothes
  3. have a leisurely bath.
  4. All the above.

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