The Accidental Tourist class 9 MCQ Question and Answer

The Accidental Tourist class 9 chapter 9 English Moment MCQ Question and Answer

The Accidental Tourist class 9 MCQ NCERT Solution for class 9 English Moment chapter 9 The Accidental Tourist chapter 9 MCQ were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these The accidental Tourist class 9 MCQ Really effective to Improve your basics and learn all the key concept.

Question:1 who is the author of the lesson ‘the Accidental Tourist?

  1. Bill Bryson
  2. William Bryson
  3. Dill Bryson
  4. None of the above

Question:2 After an accident on the plane, the author’s teeth looked.

  1. green
  2. red
  3. ivory white
  4. navy blue

Question:3 what was Bill doing when he was crushed under a scat?

  1. learning to tie his laces
  2. searching a coing
  3. reading a piece of paper
  4. learning aimlessly

Question:4 we arrived at logan airport in Boston and were.

  1. checking out
  2. checking in.
  3. boarding.
  4. waiting

Question:5 The side of the bag flew .

  1. away
  2. high
  3. open
  4. about

Question:6 I am,In short, easily.

  1. confused
  2. deceived
  3. disturbed
  4. upset

Question:7 I always have catastrophes when I.

  1. dream
  2. travel
  3. take exercise
  4. fly

Question:8 I leaned over to tie .

  1. a rope
  2. a shoelace.
  3. something.
  4. a knot.

Question:9 The flight attendent came claened .

  1. him up
  2. me up
  3. herself up
  4. her up

Question:10 I couldn’t find a card.

  1. In time.
  2. with the clerk
  3. inside my bag
  4. with my wife

Question:11 In the lavatory I discovered that the pen had.

  1. gone.
  2. been bought
  3. been stolen
  4. leaked

Question:12 I explained to her the close and venerable relationship between.

  1. two incidents.
  2. him and his wife
  3. bill and william
  4. the clerk and the flight attendant.

Question:13 I must fly 100, 000 miles.

  1. a year
  2. a week
  3. a month.
  4. in 2 year’s time

Question:14 The author was bleeding lavishly in his .

  1. arm
  2. finger
  3. toe
  4. leg

Question:15 Bill travelled a lot by air. did he entitle to any free air miles.

  1. yes
  2. no
  3. maybe
  4. not known

Question:16 what was bill doing when he was crushed under a scat?

  1. leaning to his laces
  2. searching a coin
  3. reading a piece of paper
  4. learning aimlessly

Question:17 what came out of the bag when the zip gave way ?

  1. newspapaer cutting
  2. magazines
  3. english money
  4. all of the above

Question:18 The author had joined the frequent flyer programme of.

  1. Boston Airways
  2. French Airways
  3. British Airways
  4. American Airways

Question:19 what type of man was bill Bryson ?

  1. determined
  2. easily confused
  3. sure
  4. all of the above

Question:20 what was bill unable to find in the cinema ?

  1. seat number
  2. lavatory in the cinema
  3. wallet
  4. none

Question:21 what does the title of the story speak ?

  1. accidents caused by the writer
  2. accidental tours by the writer
  3. places visited by the writer accidentally
  4. None

Question:22 what kind of a story is this ?

  1. moral based
  2. humorous
  3. serious
  4. None

Question:23 what made his teeth blue while writing ?

  1. blueberries
  2. blue color
  3. leaking ink of the pen
  4. all

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