The beggar class 9 chapter 10 MCQ Question and Answer

The Beggar class 9 chapter 10 English Moments MCQ Question And Answer

The beggar class 9 MCQ NCERT Solution for class 9 chapter 10 English Moments were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern. practicing these The beggar class 9 MCQ Really effective to Improve Your basics and learn all the key concept.

Question:1 who is the author of the lesson ‘the beggar ?

  1. Bill Byrson
  2. Anton chekhove
  3. Zan Gaudiose
  4. O henry

Question:2 How much money lushkiff was earning as a notary ?

  1. 25 roubles a month
  2. 34 roubles a month
  3. 45 roubles a month
  4. 20 roubles a month

Question:3 who used to chop wood for Lushkoff ?

  1. Sergei
  2. Olga
  3. Both A and B
  4. None of the above

Question:4 what forced Lushkoff to be a beggar ?

  1. choir group
  2. his circumstances
  3. his employer
  4. None

Question:5 How much did Lushkoff earn per month working as a notary ?

  1. twenty roubles
  2. twenty five roubles
  3. thirty roubles
  4. thirty-five roubles

Question:6 which incident became a turning point in Lushkoff’s life ?

  1. sergei’s offer to work
  2. Olgy’s help
  3. removal from choir froup
  4. None

Question:7 who moved into another house ?

  1. Lushkoff
  2. Olga
  3. sergei
  4. None of the above

Question:8 what did sergei give Lushkoff for chopping wood ?

  1. a pound
  2. a dollar
  3. a frank
  4. a rouble

Question:9 why was Lushkoff telling lies to the people ?

  1. to see sympathy
  2. to get alms
  3. to befool them
  4. None

Question:10 who was Olga ?

  1. a beggar
  2. sergei’s cook
  3. an advocate
  4. a wood chopper

Question:11 what was Lukshkoff in his earlier life ?

  1. a village school teacher
  2. a student
  3. a russian choir singer
  4. None of the above

Qeuestion:12 Lukhkoff is in the habit of

  1. stealing
  2. telling lies
  3. working hard
  4. making the excuse

Question:13 what was Lushkoff doing before begging ?

  1. dancing
  2. singing
  3. teaching
  4. None

Question:14 How did Olga help the beggar ?

  1. by giving him food
  2. giving him medicine
  3. by chopping wood for him
  4. None

Question:15 why was Lushkoff removed from the choir ?

  1. due to his weakness
  2. due to his drunkeness
  3. weak body
  4. poor health

Question:16 who is the writer of this story ?

  1. Anton chekhove
  2. bills cosby
  3. Anne besant
  4. None

Question:17 who did not give alms to the beggar ?

  1. sergai
  2. people on the road
  3. sergai’s maidservant
  4. None

Question:18 who made the beggar lead a good life ?

  1. Olgy the cook
  2. sergei
  3. a music teacher
  4. None

Question:19 what is the name of the beggar mentioned in the story ?

  1. Olga
  2. Sergei
  3. Lushkoff
  4. None of these

Question:20 Complete the following sentence ‘

The beggar says that he had had nothing to eat for ..

  1. 2 days
  2. 3 days
  3. 4 days
  4. 5 days

Question:21 How many copecks the beggar didn’t have for a loding ?

  1. 5
  2. 6
  3. 7
  4. 8

Question:22 what did the beggar tell about his ealier occupation ?

  1. he was a village school teacher for five year.
  2. he was a painter for eight year.
  3. he was a village school teacher for 8 year.
  4. he was a mechanic for 8 years.

Question:23 what did he tell about losing his job of school teacher ?

  1. he lost his through intrugues.
  2. he fell a victim to calumny.
  3. both A and B
  4. Neither A nor B

Question:24 of which colour was the beggar’s overcoat ?

  1. light red colour
  2. light yellow colour
  3. light green colour
  4. light yellowish brown colour

Question:25 what did the advocate notice about the beggar ?

  1. The beggar was wearing worm out and fawn-coloured overcoat.
  2. his eyes were drunken.
  3. he had seen the beggar somewhere before.
  4. All of the above
  5. d

Question:26 complete the follwing sentence .

The beggar had an offer of a position in the province of –

  1. Taluka
  2. Malunga
  3. Kalunga
  4. None of these

Question:27 what did sergei notice about the beggar’s overhoes ?

  1. One was high and the other low
  2. one was big and the other small
  3. one was worn out and the other well-shaped
  4. None of these

Question:28 when and where had sergei met the beggar ealier ?

  1. one day before in sadovya street
  2. two days before in sadovya street
  3. three days before in sadovya street
  4. None of these

Question:29 what had the beggar told about hismelf when he met sergei two days before ?

  1. he was a village school teacher who fell a victim to calumny.
  2. he was a student who had been expelled.
  3. he was an artist who was insulted.
  4. he was a painter who was torturned by his master.

Question:30 who warned to call the police to arrest the beggar ?

  1. The advocate
  2. all the people who were standing there
  3. Olga
  4. All of these
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