The happy prince class 9 MCQ Question and Answer

The happy Prince class 9 chapter 5 English Moments MCQs Question and Answer

The happy prince class 9 MCQ NCERT Solution for class 9 English Moments The happy prince class 9 MCQ were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these The happy prince class 9 MCQ really effective to Improve your basics and learn all the key concepts.

The happy prince class 9 mcq

The happy prince class 9 MCQ

Question:1 what did the happy prince say was more marvelious than anything ?

  1. The saphires in his eyes.
  2. The suffering of men and women.
  3. the beautiful of nature.
  4. The beautiful things in his palace.

Question:2 why did the sawallow decide to stay with the happy prince always ?

  1. because the happy prince had a lot of gold
  2. because the happy prince had given away his saphires for the poor.
  3. because the happy prince looked very sad now.
  4. because the happy prince had now become blind.

Question:3 who did the happy prince send his second saphires for ?

  1. For the poor match girl.
  2. for the poor seastress.
  3. for the poor playwright
  4. for the mayor of the city.

Question:4 what did the happy prince send for the young playwright ?

  1. A ruby from his sword-hilt
  2. A saphires from his eyes.
  3. A ruby from his eyes.
  4. A leaf of gold from his face

Question:5 what was the trouble to the playwright ?

  1. he was sick
  2. he was cold and hungry
  3. he was dull and boring
  4. he had no work to do

Question:6 why was the boy tossing on the bed ?

  1. because of ever
  2. because of hunger
  3. because of cold
  4. because of thirst

Question:7 when the little swallow returned to the happy prince after giving a ruby to the seamstress how was he feeling ?

  1. cold
  2. painful
  3. dissatisfied and tired
  4. warm and happy

Question:8 where did the little swallow take the ruby to ?

  1. to the palace
  2. to the seamstress house
  3. to Egypt
  4. noweher

Question:9 what does the happy prince ask the little swallow to take to the poor lady ?

  1. an orange
  2. a saphire
  3. a ruby
  4. a bag of coins

Question:10 where were the white marble angles scultured ?

  1. In the palace
  2. near the palace
  3. in the cathedral tower
  4. in the seamstress’ house

Question:11 what was the profession of the woman who was sitting in her cottage with prickled hands ?

  1. seamstress
  2. cake-making
  3. charwoman
  4. none of these

Question:12 which country does the river nile belong to ?

  1. England
  2. India
  3. South Africa
  4. Egypt

Question:13 what was the seamstress’ ailing son asking for ?

  1. bread
  2. medicines
  3. oranges
  4. drinking water

Question:14 what happened as the little swallow was going to sleep ?

  1. a cool breeze blew
  2. the clouds thundered
  3. a large drop of water fell on him
  4. the statue began to snake

Question:15 where was the little swallow going ?

  1. to Egypt
  2. to India
  3. to Cylons
  4. to Syria

Question:16 what was his heart made of ?

  1. gold
  2. diamond
  3. silver
  4. lead

Question:17 what did the happy prince ask the swallow to do with the gold on his body ?

  1. To take it leaf by leaf and give it to the poor.
  2. To take it off and keep it for himself
  3. To take it off and give it to the match-girl
  4. To take it off and give it to the poor seamstress.

Question:18 who is the writer of the happy prince story ?

  1. Khushwant Singh
  2. R.K Laxman
  3. Oscar wilde
  4. Ruskin Bond

Question:19 why was the prince called happy ?

  1. because he never cried
  2. because he was very lucky
  3. because he had everything
  4. because he always smiled and was living in palaced of happiness

Question:20 what was done after the prince’s death ?

  1. His statue was made
  2. he was forgotten
  3. people cried
  4. people became currupt

Question:21 whom did the happ prince send the ruby to ?

  1. Seamstress-a poor woman
  2. a man
  3. a beggar
  4. swallow

Question:22 whom did the prince send the saphire to ?

  1. matchgilr and young writer across the city
  2. poor lady
  3. a beggar
  4. None

Question:23 why did happy prince give away all his assets ?

  1. to eradicate misery and sorrow from his city
  2. to show his power
  3. to show his richness
  4. None

Question:24 Name the most precious things in the story that the angle took to give to God

  1. leaden heart of happy prince and the dead swallow
  2. prince and his assets
  3. Ruby, sword and sappire
  4. All

Question:25 why were prince and the swallow so precious ?

  1. because of their kindness and selflessness
  2. because of their services
  3. because they had many possession
  4. they were rich

Question:26 what did the prince do to make the people of his city happy ?

  1. told them stories
  2. gave away all his precious gems and stones
  3. talked to people
  4. made swallow fly here and there

Question:27 what did swallow do to be with happy prince ?

  1. helped him flying here and there
  2. stopped flying to distantplaces
  3. sacrifived his trip to Egypt
  4. All

Question:28 what did swallow become to help the prince ?

  1. His messenger
  2. His friend
  3. His minister
  4. His Assistant

Question:29 what did the young playwright think when he found a beautiful saphires on his withered violets?

  1. he thought it was from a great admirer of his plays
  2. he thought it was a gift from the happy prince.
  3. he thought someone had put it there by mistake.
  4. he thought the saphire was a reward from his director.

Question:30 where were the white marble angles sculptured ?

  1. in the palaced
  2. near the palace
  3. in the catchedral tower
  4. in the seamstress’s house

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