The last Lesson class 12 Flamingo MCQ Question and Answer

The Last lesson class 12 Chapter 1 MCQs Question and Answer

The last lesson class 12 MCQs NCERT Solution for class 12 English flamingo chapter 1 MCQs Question and Answer were prepared accordng to the latest Exam pattern practicing these The last lesson class 12 MCQs Really effective to Improve your basics and learn all the key concept.

Question:1 For how many year had M.hamel been teaching in the school ?

  1. Twenty year
  2. forty years
  3. fifty years
  4. thirty years

Question:2 what did M. hamel write on the board at the end of the lesson ?

  1. school is dismissed
  2. you may go
  3. vive la france
  4. long live france

Question:3 which topic was franz expected to prepare as homeworks ?

  1. Nouns
  2. Adjectives
  3. Participles
  4. verbs

Question:4 which place does prussia refer to ?

  1. Germany
  2. France
  3. Alsace
  4. Lorraine

Question:5 why did Franz not want to go to school that day ?

  1. because he was late
  2. dreeded the scolding
  3. wanted to avoid taking french Exam
  4. Had not finished his assignment

Question:6 why did the villagers attend the last lesson ?

  1. To pay tribute to M.hamel
  2. To pay tribute to alsce and lorraine
  3. To gather knowledge
  4. To learn french

Question:7 Franz was not scolded that day because

  1. he was in a happy mood
  2. M.hamel had changed
  3. it was a sunday
  4. it was the last lesson

Question:8 why did M.hamel. wear his sunday dress ?

  1. To show off
  2. to honour his last lesson
  3. to seek importance
  4. to display happiness

Question:9 what was the image of M.hamel among his students initially ?

  1. A loving teacher
  2. A kind and humble teacher
  3. A strict teacher
  4. An understanidng teacher

Question:10 The crowd was there at the bulletin board to..

  1. Collect food
  2. Celebrate a good news
  3. Gather information and latest news
  4. Take the money being distibuted

Question:11 The last lesson changed franz’s attitude towards

  1. his studies
  2. his friends
  3. his family
  4. his sports

Question:12 The emotion that swayed away everyone during the last lesson was

  1. forgiveness
  2. patriotism
  3. happiness
  4. Esctasy

Question:13 The phrase ‘VIVE LA FRANCE’ means ……..

  1. france is no more
  2. france is captured
  3. long live france
  4. france and German

Question:14 The thought of pipeons signing in German is a/an ……. on the situation.

  1. Exaggerartion
  2. Satire
  3. Humour
  4. simile

Question:15 what was the order from berlin ?

  1. To teach only french
  2. to teach only german
  3. to teach English in school
  4. to ban music teaching in school

Question:16 why could M.hamel not speak at the end of the lesson ?

  1. he was sad and choked
  2. he had cold and cough
  3. he did not wish to talk
  4. he was exhausted

Question:17 The value that prevented franz from bunking the school is

  1. will to resist
  2. sincerity
  3. punctuality
  4. will to learn

Question:18 why was the school so quiet like a sunday morning ?

  1. becasue of the war going on
  2. because there was no one in school
  3. becasue it was a holiday
  4. becasue of the order from berlin

Question:19 why according to M.hamel is langauge the key to freedom ?

  1. because it is beautiful
  2. because it is logical
  3. becasue it helps to keep united
  4. because it is the only means of communication

Question:20 why was M.hamel sitting motionless in his chair ?

  1. he was tired
  2. he did not wish to teach
  3. he was physically hurt
  4. he was sad and depressed

Question:21 who is the narrator of ‘the last lesson ?

  1. M.hamel
  2. Franz
  3. villager
  4. gardener

Question:22 M.hamel was about to give test on ……………

  1. Tenses
  2. Active passive
  3. Participles
  4. Determiners

Question:23 writer of’ the last lesson ‘is …………

  1. Robert Frost
  2. Alphonese Daudet
  3. John keats
  4. shakespeare

Question:24 For a moment, what was Franz thought ?

  1. attend the school
  2. bunk the school
  3. to go to finishing
  4. None

Question:25 what did Franz see when he passed the town hall ?

  1. Bulletin board
  2. Temple
  3. Elephant
  4. All of the above

Question:26 for how long all the bad news were coming from that bulletin board

  1. 4 years
  2. 3 years
  3. 2 years
  4. 1 years

Question:27 Name of the blacksmith who met franz on the way

  1. John
  2. wachter
  3. Grange
  4. Johny

Question:28 which colour coat M.hamel was wearing ?

  1. Green
  2. yellow
  3. blue
  4. black

Question:29 From where did the order come to teach only German ?

  1. Indian
  2. Pakistan
  3. Berlin
  4. England

Question:30 which is the best and most beautiful language of the world according to M.hamel ?

  1. Hindi
  2. English
  3. German
  4. French

Question:31 which bird cooed on the roof

  1. Pigeon
  2. Peacock
  3. Eagle
  4. Parrot

Question:32 what were the things being taken for granted by the people of Alsace ?

  1. Teacher of the school
  2. Time and school
  3. People around
  4. Money and power

Question:33 what did Franz find on reaching the school ?

  1. people were dancing
  2. school was closed
  3. police patrolling
  4. strange quietness

Question:34 who occupied the back benches in the class ?

  1. weak students
  2. teachers
  3. monitors of the class
  4. village elders

Question:35 why was Franz surprised ?

  1. because of village elders
  2. because of police patrolling
  3. because of student’s behavior
  4. because of M.hamel’s kind and polite behaviour

Question:36 why was franz feeling regretful and sad ?

  1. for reaching late
  2. for not learning participles
  3. for change of the Government
  4. for not learning his mother tongue

Question:37 whom did M.hamel blame for not sending students to school ?

  1. parents
  2. friends
  3. teachers
  4. watchman

Question:38 what did Hauser bring ?

  1. sweets
  2. children
  3. friends
  4. old primer

Question:39 what made franz forget M.hamel’s ruler and crankiness ?

  1. police patrolling
  2. strange quietness
  3. bustle on the streets
  4. the idea of his going away

Question:40 for how many years did M.hamel serve the school ?

  1. 20 years
  2. 35 years
  3. 30 years
  4. 40 years

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