The Proposal class 10 chapter 11MCQ Question and Answer

The Proposal class 10 chapter 11 English First Flight MCQs Question and Answer

The Proposal class 10 MCQ NCERT Solution for class 10 English First Flight The Proposal class 10 chapter 11 MCQ Question and Answer were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these The Proposal class 10 MCQ Question and Answer really effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts.

Question:1 what purpose has Lomov come for ?

  1. To run away with Natalya
  2. To propose Natalya
  3. To kill Natalya
  4. To hide with Natalya

Question:2 what is the dispute over ?

  1. Over Oxen Meadows
  2. Over pigs
  3. Over Buffalo
  4. None of the above

Question:3 what is the reason for author’s suffering ?

  1. Cancer
  2. Celiac Disease
  3. Palpitations
  4. None of the above

Question:4 who gave the meadows to Natalya’s father ?

  1. Aunt’s grandmother of Lomov
  2. Aunt’s grandfather of Lomov
  3. Aunt’s sister of Lomov
  4. Aunt’s brother of Lomov

Question:5 what did the aunt’s grandmother want in return for meadows ?

  1. Cancer
  2. Celiac Disease
  3. Palpitations
  4. None of the above

Question:6 How much are the meadows worth ?

  1. 100 roubles
  2. 200 roubles
  3. 300 roubles
  4. 500 roubles

Question:7 who is Lomov ?

  1. A farmer
  2. A landowner
  3. A factor worker
  4. None of the above

Question:8 who is squeezed between Lomov and Natalya emotionally ?

  1. Natalya’s father
  2. Natalya’s mother
  3. Natalya’s brother
  4. Natalya’s Aunt

Question:9 what was the age of Lomov ?

  1. 32
  2. 34
  3. 35
  4. 36

Question:10 happens Lomov when he is an excited state ?

  1. He started running
  2. His heart beat increase
  3. His brain started working
  4. None of the above

Question:11 whose aunt was Nastasya Mihailovna ?

  1. Natalya
  2. Lomov
  3. Chubukov
  4. A and c

Question:12 what requested chubukov think Lomov would make ?

  1. Ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage
  2. Borrow money
  3. Borrow land
  4. All of the above

Question:13 why was Lomov wearing his evening dress ?

  1. To pay new year Eve’s visit
  2. Ask for Chubukov’s daughter’s hand in marriage wedding
  3. he wanted to borrow land
  4. he was going to attend a wedding

Question:14 who does Chubukov call a lovesick cat ?

  1. Lomov
  2. Himself
  3. His maid
  4. Natalya

Question:15 And it’s impossible for me not to marry” why does Lomov say so ?

  1. he’s 35 already
  2. He suffers from Palpitation
  3. He has troubled sleep
  4. All of the above

Question:16 where do Lomov and Natalya get on the wrong foot, the first time ?

  1. while taking about the weather
  2. while taking about the land
  3. while taking about their family relations
  4. while making the proposal

Question:17 which land were they fighting about ?

  1. Oxen Meadows
  2. Birchwoods
  3. Burnt Marsh
  4. All of the above

Question:18 what is Lomov’s side of justification about the land ?

  1. Their land extended till Burnt Marsh
  2. His grandmother always talked about it
  3. His aunt’s grandmother gave it to her great grandfather’s peasants
  4. Both A and B

Question:19 why was Natalya arguing about the land ?

  1. she couldn’t stand unfairness
  2. it was worth a lot
  3. she was jealous of Lomov
  4. All of the above

Question:20 what explanation did Lomov give for his shouting ?

  1. His frustration
  2. His short temper
  3. His palpitations
  4. He can’t stand unfairness

Question:21 what did Chukubov have to say about the land ?

  1. They were his
  2. They were Lomov’s
  3. They were still disputed
  4. They belonged to none of them

Question:22 who threated to take the matter to court ?

  1. Natalya
  2. Lomov
  3. Chubukov
  4. None

Question:23 How did Natalya react when her father told Lomov was there to Propose her ?

  1. She gets angry
  2. she sends her father to get him
  3. she’s amazed
  4. Both B and C

Question:24 why did Chubukov think it was a curse to be a father of a grown-up daughter ?

  1. He had to go to call the man they had just shun out
  2. He had to go to call the man who insulted them
  3. He had to go call the man who shouted at them
  4. All of the above

Question:25 what was the topic of the second argument ?

  1. The land
  2. The proposal
  3. Th dogs
  4. None

Question:26 when did Natalya accept the proposal ?

  1. when Lomov went unconscious
  2. when they finished arguing
  3. when he proposed her
  4. when Lomov came back in

Question:27 what do they argue about after holding each other’s hands?

  1. Dogs
  2. Land
  3. Marriage venue
  4. Their cuisine

Question:28 How are the Lomovs and Chubukovs related ?

  1. Friends
  2. cousins
  3. Neighbours
  4. Business associate

Question:29 what had Natalya been doing when Lomov called for her ?

  1. Cleaning her house
  2. washing clothes
  3. shelling peas
  4. cooking food

Question:30 what did Natalya offer Lomov ?

  1. Tea
  2. Breakfast
  3. Coffee
  4. Lunch

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