The Road Not taken class 9 MCQ Question and Answer

The Road Not taken class 9 Poem 1 English Beehive MCQs Question and Answer

The road not taken class 9 MCQs NCERT Solution for class 9 English Beehive poem 1 the road not taken class 9 MCQs were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these the road not taken class 9 MCQs Question and Answer really effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts.

Question:1 what is the dilemma of the poet ?

  1. whether he will be able to come back to the second road or not
  2. whether he will get time for himself
  3. whether he will successful
  4. whether he will be able to walk

Question:2 what shows that the road has not been used by many people ?

  1. The green and untrampelled grass on it
  2. the mud on it
  3. the broken stones on it
  4. All

Question:3 what does the poet’s decision of taking less travelled road signify ?

  1. poet’s risk taking habit
  2. arrogance of the poet
  3. poet’s curiosity
  4. poet’s negligence

Question:4 what does grassy mean in the poem ?

  1. the road which is not used by anyone
  2. the comfortable road
  3. the road with all the luxuries
  4. well-built road

Question:5 why was the poet looking at the path ?

  1. to decide whether it was suitable for him
  2. to see how long it was
  3. to check the road
  4. None

Question:6 where does the poet find himself ?

  1. on the road
  2. on a bus
  3. on a muddy road
  4. on a fork

Question:7 what does yellow woods mean ?

  1. falling leaves
  2. forest with yellow leaves in the autumn season
  3. wood yellow in color
  4. None

Question:8 what does poet’s long stare at the path signify ?

  1. the time taken by people to decide and making a choice
  2. poet loves nature
  3. idling away of time
  4. relaxation hours

Question:9 what do yellow woods represent?

  1. people
  2. older people
  3. poets
  4. choice

Question:10 why was the poet able to travel one road only ?

  1. Because he had to walk alone
  2. because he had no vehicle
  3. because he was one person
  4. all

Question:11 why is the poet asking to be wise while choosing a pathway ?

  1. because there is no going back option
  2. because it is the only one road
  3. because it is one said road
  4. None

Question:12 who is the poet of this poem ?

  1. James
  2. whilliam james
  3. william wordsworth
  4. Robert frost

Question:13 which thing decides a person’s future according to this poem ?

  1. The path one chooses to walk
  2. the path one leaves behind
  3. the regrets
  4. the success

Question:14 what does the poem speak about ?

  1. about the plight of roads
  2. about the people
  3. about two roads
  4. about the choices made by people

Question:15 what do the words ‘Long ! stood’ mean in the poem ?

  1. poet’s dilemma
  2. poet was in relaxing mood
  3. poet was enjoying the nature
  4. poet was thinking

Question:16 why did the poet choose the second road ?

  1. because it was well built
  2. because it was beautiful
  3. because it was not used by mean many people and was appealing to the poet
  4. all

Question:17 what is the message of this poem ?

  1. be wise while choosing and taking decisions
  2. two roads are confusing
  3. road is nothing but a pathway
  4. all

Question:18 what has made all the differences in the poet’s life ?

  1. Choosing a travelled road
  2. Choosing a less travelled road
  3. by not choosing any road
  4. by not being weak.

Question:19 Road’ is a metaphor for .

  1. travelling wisely
  2. good health
  3. choices we make in life
  4. morning walks

Question:20 The poet choose to travel on another road because .

  1. it was easier
  2. it was shorter and easier
  3. it was grassy and wanted wear
  4. he was sure of his success in that way

Question:21 The second road had the better claim as.

  1. it had been laying waste
  2. it was attractive with green grassy carpet
  3. it needed to be explored
  4. it was full of surprise.

Question:22 The poet is standing

  1. at a crossing
  2. at a crossing in the autumn season
  3. where two roads cross
  4. in a forest

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