Wind class 9 Poem 2 MCQ Question and Answer

Wind class 9 Poem 2 English Beehive MCQs Question and Answer

Wind class 9th MCQs NCERT Solution for class 9 English Beehive wind class 9th MCQs were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these wind class 9th MCQs Question and Answer really effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts.

Question:1 Name the poet of this poem .

  1. Robert Frost.
  2. Subramania Bharati.
  3. W.B Yeats
  4. Phoebe Cary.

Question:2 what is the effect of the wind on strong fires ?

  1. makes them roar flourish
  2. blow them out us usual
  3. let them burn
  4. all the options are correct

Question:3 we can make friends with the wind god if we are ..

  1. true
  2. honest.
  3. strong
  4. respectful

Question:4 The wind does not listen to us. what should we do ?

  1. of him
  2. make ourselves strong to face him
  3. request him not to make us harm
  4. None of these options

Question:5 what does the wind pole fun at ?

  1. weak houses and weak doors.
  2. weak rafters and weak wood.
  3. weak hearts and weak bodies
  4. any living or non-living thing that is weak and crumbling.

Question:6 what does crumbling hearts refer to ?

  1. persons
  2. weak persons
  3. rich and strong persons
  4. desponded persons

Question:7 what is the effect of the wind on weak fires ?

  1. makes them stronger
  2. blow them out
  3. let them burn as before
  4. all the options are correct

Question:8 suggest a word that stands for to fix.

  1. settle
  2. make correct
  3. Join
  4. All

Question: 9 what sort of houses does the poet ask us to make ?

  1. luxury houses
  2. huts
  3. strong houses
  4. weak houses

Question:10 How does the poet want the wind to come ?

  1. Fastly
  2. slowly
  3. dimly
  4. in a tempestous way

Question:11 Find a synonym for loyal from the poem .

  1. firm
  2. strong
  3. steadfast
  4. None

Question:12 who does the wind make fun of ?

  1. the rich
  2. the strong
  3. the weak
  4. None of these

Question:13 Find a word from the poem for “thrown in different directions”?

  1. scatter
  2. thrown
  3. blown
  4. None

Question:14 He won’t do what you tell him’ who is he in this line ?

  1. God
  2. wind God
  3. wind
  4. all

Question:15 what should the people do to save their homes ?

  1. use good cement
  2. build strong homes and close the doors firmly
  3. consult a good architect
  4. None

Question:16 what is the moral of this poem ?

  1. be firm and strong and never be defeated by any obstacle
  2. pray to the wind
  3. don’t weak
  4. request the wind

Question:17 what does the word proper mean in the poem ?

  1. Keep going
  2. Flourish
  3. keep moving
  4. proper

Question:18 what is the central idea of this poem ?

  1. we should make friends with the wind god.
  2. if we are strong even gods will be on our side.
  3. God helps the weak and the needy.
  4. we should love all creatures of God.

Question:19 who wrote”wind”?

  1. A.K Ramanujan
  2. Subramania bharti
  3. Amrital Pritam
  4. Sugatha kumari.

Question:20 The speaker doesn’t want the wind to break

  1. Doors and windows
  2. shutters of the windows
  3. shutters of the doors
  4. None of the above

Question:21 The speaker in this poem talks to the

  1. Rains
  2. wind
  3. storms
  4. Hail

Question:22 In the poem the speaker asks the wind not to …………….. the papers.

  1. Destroy
  2. take away
  3. scatter
  4. dry out

Question:23 The speaker doesn’t want the shutter of the windows to be broken because.

  1. it protects one from the robbers
  2. it protects one from storm and rain
  3. it saved one from criminals
  4. it protects one from wild animals

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