Bholi class 10 chapter 9 MCQ Question and Answer

Bholi class 10 chapter 9 English Footprints without feet MCQs Question and Answer

bholi class 10 extra questions MCQ NCERT Solution for class 10 English First Flight bholi class 10 extra questions MCQ Question and Answer were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these Bholi class 10 MCQ Question and Answer really effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts.

Question:1 who is referred to as the “artist” in the lesson ?

  1. Bholi’s friend
  2. Bholi
  3. Bholi’s cow
  4. Bholi’s teacher

Question:2 How does she describe her prospective husband ?

  1. Mean
  2. Greedy
  3. Coward
  4. all of the above

Question:3 How did he react on seeing Bholi’s face ?

  1. asked for compensation
  2. got frightened
  3. both of these
  4. None of the above

Question:4 what according to you, was wrong in Bishamber marrying Bholi?

  1. His age
  2. His limbs
  3. another village
  4. all of the above

Question:5 who was Lakshmi?

  1. Bholi’s friend
  2. Bholi’s classmate
  3. Bholi’s sister
  4. Bholi’s cow

Question:6 whose painting did she see in the classroom wall ?

  1. Cow
  2. goat
  3. parrot
  4. all of the above

Question:7 why did the girls laugh at Bholi?

  1. at her dress
  2. at her looks
  3. at her stammering
  4. all of the above

Question:8 what was Bholi’s first reaction on hearing that she was going to school ?

  1. she cried with tears of joy
  2. she cried with fear
  3. she screamed
  4. she was excited

Question:9 How did Ramlal’s wife react about sending her girls to school ?

  1. she laughed
  2. she got angry
  3. no reaction
  4. she cried

Question:10 what was the purpose of the Tehsildar’s village visit ?

  1. To Inaugrate a girl’s school
  2. to address complaints of the village
  3. to meet the people of the village
  4. None of the above

Question:11 why did she talk very little ?

  1. She stammered
  2. other kids mimicked her and made fun of her
  3. she was an introvert
  4. None of the above

Question:12 what happened when she was two years old ?

  1. failing off a cot
  2. falling off a verandah
  3. falling off the stairs
  4. small-pox

Question:13 who was her father ?

  1. village Numberdar
  2. village Sarpanch
  3. village Tehsildar
  4. None of the above

Question:14 what was Bholi’s real name ?

  1. Sulekha
  2. Sudekha
  3. Champa
  4. Chamla

Question:15 who is the author of the story “Bholi’?

  1. KA Abbas
  2. Mark Twain
  3. Guy De Maupassant
  4. Sinclair Lewis

Question:16 who was the eldest daughter of Ramlal ?

  1. Mangla
  2. Champa
  3. Sulekha
  4. Radha

Question:17 what Miss happening occurred when Bholi was 10 months old ?

  1. She met with a serious bus accident.
  2. Her mother tried to kill her.
  3. She fell off the cot on her head.
  4. None of these

Question:18 How many sons and daughters did Ramlal have ?

  1. Two sons and five daughters
  2. three sons and four daughters
  3. three sons and three daughters
  4. four sons and three daughters

Question:19 Bholi had an attack of ……… at the age of two.

  1. Malaria
  2. Jaundice
  3. Smallpox
  4. Pneumonia

Question:20 which statement is not true about Bholi ?

  1. Bholi could not speak till she was five.
  2. She stammered when she learnt to speak
  3. she was a very talkative girl.
  4. she talked very little.

Question:21 why was Ramlal worried about Bholi?

  1. Because it was very difficult to find bridegroom for her.
  2. because she had neither good looks nor intelligence.
  3. Neither a nor b
  4. Both a and b

Question:22 what was the age of Bholi when her sister Mangla was married ?

  1. 7 years
  2. 8 years
  3. 9 years
  4. 10 years

Question:23 what was opened in the village when bholi was 7 years old ?

  1. a primary school for girls
  2. a high school for boys
  3. a high school for girls
  4. a senior secondary school for girls

Question:24 who came to perform the opening ceremony of the primary school for girls in the village?

  1. The sarpanch
  2. The Deputy Commissioner
  3. The Chief Minister
  4. The Tehsildar

Question:25 what did the Tehsildar ask Ramlal to do ?

  1. To send his daughters to school
  2. to send his sons to school
  3. to send his neighbour to school
  4. None of these

Question:26 who said the following sentence” “Let the teachers at school worry about her “

  1. Bholi
  2. Bholi’s mother
  3. Bholi’s father
  4. Bholi’s sister

Question:27 who was Lakshmi ?

  1. Bholi’s sister
  2. Bhli’s teacher
  3. Bholi’s neighbour
  4. Bholi’s cow

Question:28 who caught Bholi by the hand and took her to school ?

  1. Champa
  2. Ramlal
  3. Madanlal
  4. Radha

Question:29 who had little chance of getting married ?

  1. Lakshmi
  2. Mangla
  3. Radha
  4. None of these

Question:30 How was Bholi lucky on that day ?

  1. She received a clean dress.
  2. she was bathed
  3. Oil was rubbed in to her dry and matted hair.
  4. all of these

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