The best Christmas present in the world class 8 MCQ

The best Christmas present in the world class 8 chapter 1 MCQ Question and Answer

The best Christmas present in the world class 8 MCQ NCERT English honeydew class 8 were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these The best Christmas present in the world class 8 MCQ

The best Christmas present in the world class 8 MCQ

Question:1 January 25,1915 was the date in which

  1. Jim wrote the later
  2. Jim’s letter came to connie
  3. jim met hans wolt
  4. all of these

Question:2 According to Jim, a Christmas morning should be

  1. Cold and frosty
  2. warm and comfortable
  3. rainly
  4. None of these

Question:3 what does” Tommy refer to ?

  1. Germans
  2. Britishers
  3. shepherds
  4. Indians

Question:4 The Christmas celebrations were Initiated by

  1. The British
  2. The Germans
  3. both of
  4. chance

Question:5 what does “Fritz” refer to ?

  1. Germans
  2. Britishes
  3. shepherds
  4. Indians

Question:6 who wrote the letter to whom ?

  1. Jim to connie
  2. connie to hans
  3. connie to morris
  4. jim to hans

Question:7 what was the German doing ?

  1. Mending his life
  2. Doing nothing
  3. waving a bottle
  4. waving a bottle above his head

Question:8 which day was being celebrated ?

  1. Christmas
  2. Diwali
  3. Holi
  4. Good friday

Question:9 what was the author doing ?

  1. Trying to find out something
  2. Trying to open the drawers
  3. Eating food
  4. Trying to read the letter

Question:10 what did the author take our from the drawer ?

  1. A tin box
  2. A small tin box
  3. A box
  4. A small black tin box

Question:11 who wrote this letter ?

  1. Jims wife
  2. Jims girl friend
  3. Jim’s friend
  4. Jim’s mother

Question:12 why did the author not buy the roll-top desk from the junk shop ?

  1. He did not like it
  2. it was very expensive
  3. it was not beautiful
  4. None of these

Question:13 who was hans wolf ?

  1. The chief of German army
  2. The chief of British army
  3. The chief of Indian army
  4. The chief of Russian army

Question:14 what did a man bring on that day ?

  1. A volley ball
  2. A ball
  3. A football
  4. None of these

Question:15 How should the wars be resolved ?

  1. By fighting each other
  2. Through peace by playing matches
  3. by criticizing each other
  4. None of these
The best Christmas present in the world class 8 MCQ

Question:16 where was football match played between both the armies ?

  1. On the war field
  2. In a trench
  3. In a football ground
  4. In a garden

Question:17 The old lady prepared something for jim. what was it ?

  1. A dish
  2. A pizza
  3. A pullover
  4. Christmas cake

Question:18 who was the old lady ?

  1. Jims mother
  2. Jims wife Connie
  3. jims sister
  4. None of these

Question:19 Jim’s first reaction to the I “happy Christmas by the Germans was one of

  1. suspiction
  2. surprise
  3. anger
  4. disgust

Question:20 Sausage is

  1. a wine
  2. a sauce
  3. slice of meat and bread
  4. a british dish

Question:21 what was the speaker’s reaction when he realizes

  1. He was ashamed
  2. He gets very angry
  3. He was embarrassed
  4. He began to cry

Question:22 why did she becoem happy ?

  1. Because it was Christmas
  2. at the sight of the visitor
  3. on seeing the decoration
  4. all

Question:23 who did she think had come ?

  1. Jim
  2. hans wolf
  3. her father
  4. her brother

Question:24 On which date does Conne receive jim’s letter ?

  1. 4th july, 1776
  2. 16th December, 1914
  3. 6th August, 1945
  4. 30th january, 1948

Question:25 what is the “best Christmas present in the world ?

  1. Jim’s letter
  2. Jim’s return
  3. Jim’s present
  4. Jim’s picture

Question:26 Does connie’s wait for her husband come to an end ?

  1. Yes
  2. maybe
  3. not sure
  4. None of these

Question:27 The temptation to buy it was

  1. a risk
  2. a challenge
  3. the quality
  4. the cheap price

Question:28 who promoted these boys to sing ?

  1. their boss
  2. their commander
  3. their friends
  4. the German soldiers

Question:29 carols are sung on

  1. Christmas
  2. Good Friday
  3. Holi
  4. Diwali

Question:30 The lady was not listening because

  1. she was sick
  2. she was deaf
  3. she was too happy
  4. None of these

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