The snake Trying class 9 Poem 9 MCQ Question and Answer

The snake Trying class 9 Poem 9 English Beehive MCQs Question and Answer

The snake Trying class 9 Poem 9 MCQ Question and Answer NCERT Solution for class 9 The snake Trying class 9 MCQ were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these The snake Trying class 9 Poem 9 MCQ Question and Answer Really effective to Improve your basics and learn all the key concepts.

Question:1 what is the nature of the green snake who is trying to escape ?

  1. harmless
  2. furious
  3. harmful
  4. annoyed

Question:2 who is the poet of the poem ‘the snake trying ?

  1. Edward Lear
  2. W.W.E. ross
  3. Gieve Patel
  4. William wordsworth

Question:3 who chased the snake ?

  1. Man
  2. Mongoose
  3. Crocodile
  4. eagle

Question:4 of what colour snake is the poet talking about ?

  1. Red
  2. white
  3. green
  4. black

Question:5 where did the snake lie until observed ?

  1. In a tree
  2. on the water
  3. on the sand
  4. in the mud

Question:6 who is the snake harmful too ?

  1. Men
  2. women
  3. children
  4. None of the above

Question:7 what is the snake trying to escape ?

  1. stone
  2. bullet
  3. mud
  4. stick

Question:8 what does the snake glide through ?

  1. Mud
  2. Ice
  3. water
  4. all of the above

Question:9 what is our opinion about most of the snakes ?

  1. fearsome symbols of death
  2. faithful friends
  3. loyal to the human being
  4. not harmful to us

Question:10 The snake has a. …………

  1. Thin long body
  2. thick small body
  3. huge body
  4. all of the above

Question:11 In the poet’s views, the snakes are

  1. harmful to us
  2. not harmful to us
  3. energy to us
  4. all of the above

Question:12 In what words does the poet express the beauty of the snake ?

  1. beautiful and graceful
  2. pretty
  3. smart
  4. handsome

Question:13 where did the snake go and disappear ?

  1. In the ripples of water among green reeds
  2. in the bushes
  3. in a hole
  4. None

Question:14 what is the literary device used in this poem?

  1. allegory
  2. alliteration
  3. personification
  4. None

Question:15 what is the theme of the poem ?

  1. stop cruelty towards animals
  2. hate animals
  3. be away from animals
  4. animals are dangerous

Question:16 what is the style of the poem ?

  1. free verse with unequal lines
  2. sonnet
  3. five lines in every stanza
  4. None

Question:17 what does the poet think of snakes ?

  1. source of joy
  2. fear factor
  3. dangerous
  4. harmless animals until disturbed

Question:18 what does the poet wish for the snake ?

  1. killed
  2. escape unhurt
  3. caught
  4. all of the above

Question:19 where does the snake vanish ?

  1. In the water
  2. In the reeds
  3. in a house
  4. None of the above

Question:20 who was chased away after it was observed across the sand in the poem ?

  1. The poet
  2. snake
  3. Man holding the stick
  4. Children

Question:21 what does ‘ Chased away’ mean in the poem ?

  1. Forced to go away
  2. Captivated
  3. Killed away
  4. Thrown away

Question:22 what does’ ripples’ mean in the poem ?

  1. series of waves on water surface
  2. combination of small plants
  3. small tiles joined to make a beam
  4. None of the above

Question:23 How does the snake vanish in the poem ‘ the snake trying ?

  1. In the ripples
  2. Among the green reeds
  3. Across the sand
  4. Both A and B

Question:24 In the poem ‘the snake trying ‘what kind of reeds the snake gets vanished into ?

  1. Yellow and tall
  2. slim and yellow
  3. Green and slim
  4. Green and thick

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