A Think of beauty class 12 poem 4 MCQ Question and Answer

A Think of beauty class 12 Poem 4 English Flamingo MCQ Question and Answer

A Think of beauty class 12 MCQ NCERT Solution for class 12 English Flamingo Poem 4 were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern A Thnik of beauty class 12 MCQ Reall effective to Improve your basics and learn all the key concept.

Question:1 who is the poet of A think of beauty ?

  1. John updike
  2. william blakes
  3. william wordsworth
  4. John keats

Question:2 what are the things of beauty mentioned in the poem ?

  1. sun and moon
  2. young trees and streams
  3. flowers
  4. All of these

Question:3 which things cause suffering to human beings?

  1. Lack of virtues and inhuman acts
  2. withering flowers
  3. blooming flowers
  4. flowing streams

Question:4 How is a thing of beauty joy forrever ?

  1. Because it is beautiful
  2. because it is nature
  3. because it is joyful
  4. because its beauty never ends and leaves a lasting impact

Question:5 what is the message of the poem ?

  1. beauty never fades
  2. beauty lifts spirits high
  3. beauty is a joy forever
  4. All of these

Question:6 what does a thing of beauty do for us ?

  1. Gives hope
  2. Gives happiness
  3. Removes pain and suffering
  4. All of these

Question:7 what is the endless fountain and what is its effect?

  1. Moving streams
  2. the sunlight
  3. a thing of beauty is endless fountain and it give happiest
  4. None of these

Question:8 what does a thing beauty is a joy forever mean ?

  1. Joy is in memory
  2. joy is precious
  3. joy is not sold
  4. it will keep giving happiness for a longer time

Question:9 what is beauty in keats opinion ?

  1. a suffering
  2. A cause of suffering
  3. A cause of pain
  4. A joy forever

Question:10 what is the concept of beauty ?

  1. beauty is a pleasure
  2. beauty is cause of all happiness
  3. beauty is nothing
  4. A quality which always gives happiness

Question:11 How does a thing of beauty provide shelter and comfort ?

  1. by giving a sense of joy and happiness
  2. by removing pain
  3. by removing suffering
  4. All of these

Question:12 whose loveliness will keep on increasing ?

  1. of rivers
  2. of mountain
  3. of nature
  4. of all beautiful things

Question:13 write the phrase which means it immortal ?

  1. it will never fade
  2. it will never pass into nothingness
  3. it will never cease
  4. it will keep giving happiness for a longer time

Question:14 what is a bower ?

  1. A river
  2. A stream
  3. A big tree
  4. A shady tree

Question:15 what are mighty dead in the poem ?

  1. Dead people
  2. Dead relative
  3. Dead plants
  4. Greet respect worthy ancestors specially dead soldiers

Question:16 what does immortal mean ?

  1. Ever flowing
  2. Evergreen
  3. forever beautiful
  4. never ending or endless

Question:17 what is the effect of immortal drink ?

  1. No one is thirsty
  2. Everyone is happy
  3. Immense joy and happiness
  4. beauty never moves away

Question:18 pick the words from the poem which mean stories, magnificence.

  1. Tales and granddeur
  2. old, and young
  3. Green world and clear rills
  4. sweet dreams and health

Question:19 what is the meaning of gloomy.?

  1. All the unhealthy things
  2. dark spirits
  3. dull and depressive
  4. none of these

Question:20 How does beauty help us when we are grief stricken ?

  1. By giving a ray of hope
  2. sprouting a shayd boon
  3. by giving daffodils
  4. None of these
  5. a

Question:21 whya are our spirits referred as dark ?

  1. Because of dark clouds
  2. because of spirits around
  3. because of shady trees
  4. because of sadness and disappointments

Question:22 what does morrow mean ?

  1. Morning time
  2. present time
  3. Noon time
  4. The next day

Question:23 why do we need a flowery band ?

  1. To look beautiful
  2. To smile
  3. To be joyful
  4. To have strength and joy in spite of all sadness

Question:24 what circumstances make man unhappy ?

  1. Human inside a river
  2. human inside caves
  3. human on trees
  4. self centered tendency

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