Indigo class 12 chapter 5 MCQ Question and Answer

Indigo class 12 chapter 5 English Flamingo MCQ Question and Answer

indigo class 12th mcq NCERT Solution for class 12 chapter 5 English Flamingo MCQ were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these Indigo class 12th mcq Really effective to Improve your basics and learn all the key concept.

Question:1 How the champaran Episode was A turning point in Gandhiji’s life ?

  1. He taught peasants A lesson of self Reliance
  2. it gave A spark to civil disobedience movement
  3. it gave A start to quit India movement
  4. None of these

Question:2 who is the author of Indigo ?

  1. Anees Jung
  2. pablo Neruda
  3. William Douglas
  4. Louis fischer

Question:3 Indigo is an Excerpt from which book of the Author ?

  1. Men and politics
  2. life of lenin
  3. the life of mahatma Gandhi
  4. None

Question:4 what is the message conveyed In the lesson Indigo ?

  1. speak Aloud
  2. Non-violence
  3. wish and courageous leadership can Resolve any problem
  4. None

Question:5 what does Gandhi’s fight In champaran signify ?

  1. Power of effective leadership
  2. power of Lawyers
  3. power of police
  4. None

Question:6 why was Motihari back with peasants ?

  1. Because of people’s Rights
  2. Because their champion was in trouble
  3. A and B
  4. None

Question:7 what percentage of refund did Gandhi ji ask for ?

  1. 5%
  2. 10%
  3. 25%
  4. 80%

Question:8 what did the people of champaran do for A a living under Ancient Agreement ?

  1. Bangle making
  2. swimming
  3. sharecropping
  4. None

Question:9 what did the Gandhi ji teach the Lawyers and the sharecroppers ?

  1. self Absorption
  2. self Reliance
  3. self Confidence
  4. None

Question:10 Morning Found the town of Motihari black with peasants’ here black means ?

  1. Black
  2. crowded
  3. shade
  4. None

Question:11 by what were the sharecroppers troubled ?

  1. The landlord system
  2. Tax
  3. the peasant’s system
  4. None

Question:12 why did Rajkumar shukla come to the congress session ?

  1. To attend
  2. To Received Gandhi ji
  3. To complain about the Injustice faced by the farners
  4. None

Question:13 where was the author born ?

  1. In Philadelphia
  2. In Yugoslavia
  3. In scoltland
  4. None

Question:14 when did the author serve in the British Army ?

  1. 1918-1920
  2. 1909-1910
  3. 1912-1913
  4. 1900-1902

Question:15 which university was the author a memeber of ?

  1. harvard university
  2. princeton university
  3. university of columbia
  4. oxford university

Question:16 Indigo is an excerpt from which book of the author ?

  1. Men and politics
  2. life of Lenin
  3. the life of Mahatma Gandhi
  4. None

Question:17 what is the message conveyed in the lesson Indigo ?

  1. Efficient lawyers can change the nation
  2. speak aloud
  3. wise and courageous leadership can resolve any problem
  4. None of these

Question:18 why did M.K Gandhi fight in champaran ?

  1. To secure justice for the oppressed
  2. to get popularity
  3. To remove British
  4. To boast of his Intelligence

Question:19 How did Gandhi address the actions of the people of Motihari ?

  1. As liberation from the fear of the British
  2. by calling them courageous
  3. being in fear of the British
  4. None of these

Question:20 what was Gandhiji’s demand from the British landloards ?

  1. 30% refund as repayment
  2. 40% refund as repayment
  3. 50% refund as repayment
  4. 10% refund as repayment

Question:21 How much did the Indigo planters offer to pay the farmers ?

  1. 20%
  2. 15%
  3. 25%
  4. 50%

Question:22 where did Gandhiji stay for two days at muzzafarpur ?

  1. At a peasant’s house
  2. At a lawyer’s house
  3. At an officer’s house
  4. At prof Malkani’s house

Question:23 what share of the land under Indigo cultivation were the sharecroppers forced to give ?

  1. 15%
  2. 20%
  3. 25%
  4. 7%

Question:24 what problems were faced by the Indigo sharecroppers of champaran ?

  1. Poverty
  2. were forced to grow Indigo
  3. unable to raise voice
  4. illiteracy

Question:25 why did Gandhiji decide to go to muzzafarpur ?

  1. To have detailed information of the sharcroppers of champaran
  2. To have information about lawyers
  3. To know different capacities of the people
  4. To have a personal bond with the people

Question:26 who briefed Gandhiji at Muzaffarpur ?

  1. Government officers
  2. Politicians
  3. farmers
  4. Lawyers

Question:27 who was Raj kumar shukla ?

  1. A lawyers
  2. A Government official
  3. A politician
  4. A poor peasant

Question:28 where was the annual congress party session held ?

  1. At varanasi
  2. At mumbai
  3. At bangalore
  4. At Lucknow

Question:29 why did Raj kumar shukla come to Lucknow at the Annual congress party session?

  1. To meet the viceroy
  2. To meet prof malkani
  3. To meet Rajendra prasad
  4. To meet Gandhi

Question: 30 why did Mr.shukla meet Gandhi ji ?

  1. To seek his guidance for his own upliftment as a lawyer
  2. To get ideas to be famous
  3. To learn the art of speaking
  4. To seek his help for the poor sharecroppers

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