Poets and pancakes class 12 chapter 6 MCQ Question and Answer

Poets and pancakes class 12 chapter 6 English Flamingo MCQs Question and Answer

poets and pancakes mcqs NCERT Solution for class 12 English Flamingo poets and pancakes mcqs were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these poets and pancakes mcqs Really effective to Improve your basics and learn all the key concept.

Question:1 who is the author of’poets and pancakes ?

  1. Ashokamitran, a tamil writer
  2. charu Nivedita
  3. jayakanthan
  4. balakumaran

Question:2 what does the expression made to look ugly refer to ?

  1. Make up done to look presentable before
  2. faces made by actors
  3. faces made by office boy
  4. Arrangements in the make up room

Question:3 what was the brand name of the make up material that Gemini studio bought ?

  1. pancake
  2. Mancake
  3. Fancake
  4. Latin cake

Question:4 what was Ashokamitran job in the studio ?

  1. To arrange pancakes
  2. To arrange make up kits
  3. To serve water
  4. Cut out newspaper clippings and store them in files

Question:5 who was the founder of gemini studio ?

  1. Mr. S.S. Vasan
  2. English Man
  3. Tamil boy
  4. A director

Question:6 what has been the make up room compared to ?

  1. makeup company
  2. A parlour
  3. A jewellery shop
  4. Hair-cutting salon

Question:7 For whom was Gemini studio making films ?

  1. For English people
  2. for illiterate
  3. for elderly people
  4. For simple Tamilians who have no interest in English poetry

Question:8 why is the English man’s visit referred as unexplained mystery ?

  1. Because of his appearance
  2. Becasue of his appearance
  3. Becasue of his hairstyle
  4. Because of his unfamilarity and English accent

Question:9 who was the Englishman ?

  1. Salman Rushie
  2. D.H. Lawrence
  3. George Orwell
  4. stephen spender-Editor of a British periodical the Encounter

Question:10 why did he visit the studio ?

  1. To deliver a speech
  2. To gossip with the workers
  3. to check the workers
  4. To know the film making

Question:11 why did everybody in the studio think of giving some work to the author ?

  1. Because of the idle appearance of his
  2. because he was an office boy
  3. becasue he was a helper
  4. None of the above

Question:12 why did the office boy in the make up room come to the author ?

  1. because he was unemployed
  2. because of his interest in literary arts and film making
  3. to earn money
  4. to do makeup

Question:13 why was the author praying for crowd shooting at all times ?

  1. To attrcat the crowd
  2. To avoid people
  3. To avoid office boy
  4. None of the above

Question:14 The boy in the make up room was jealous of whom ?

  1. Actor
  2. Author
  3. The visitor
  4. subbu’s success his closeness to the boss

Question:15 what qualities was subha admired for ?

  1. Acting. writing, filmmaking skills and the management skills
  2. Acting and writing
  3. Flattery
  4. Gossips

Question:16 why was subhu considered number 2 at Gemini studio ?

  1. Becasue of his flattery
  2. Becasue of his abilities
  3. becasue of creative skills
  4. None of these

Question:17 which plays were presented by MRA In Madras ?

  1. Macbeth
  2. Othello
  3. A doll’s house
  4. Jotham valley and the Forgotten factor

Question:18 what is the example of National Integartion in poets and pancakes ?

  1. Make up department of Gemini
  2. Rehearsal room
  3. office of Gemini studio
  4. None of these

Question:19 How does the author come to know that English author was stephen spender ?

  1. From a painting
  2. From the newspapaer
  3. From a television show
  4. From a book-the God that failed

Question:20 why was the office boy disappointed with his job in Germini studio ?

  1. Because of his behavior
  2. Because of his boss
  3. Because of his intimacy with boss
  4. Because of his inability to be a star

Question:21 How was Kothan angalam subhu treated in the Gemini studio ?

  1. with hatred
  2. Rudely
  3. Disrespectfully
  4. with high respect

Question:22 why was subhu termed as many sided Genius ?

  1. His flattery
  2. Gossip style
  3. Interaction with others
  4. Ability to create and manage things

Question:23 How many people were there in MRA group ?

  1. 150
  2. 180
  3. 140
  4. 200 people from 20 nationalities

Question:24 when did MRA visit Madras ?

  1. 1942
  2. 1922
  3. 1952
  4. 1953

Question:25 what things attracted the audience in the plays staged by MRA ?

  1. Their sets and costumes
  2. Their make up
  3. Their dialogues
  4. Their jewellery

Question:26 why was subhu trouble shooter ?

  1. Because of his gossip style
  2. Because of his problem resolving quality
  3. Ability to mix up white everyone
  4. Because of his flattery

Question:27 what does the expression fiery misery mean ?

  1. Discomfort to the actor in the makeup room
  2. The bright lights
  3. The bright colorful dresses of heroines
  4. The glow of lights

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Question NoAnswer Question NoAnswer
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