Rain On the Roof class 9 Poem 3 MCQ Question and Answer

Rain On the Roof class 9 Poem 3 English Beehive MCQs Question and Answer

Rain On the Roof class 9 MCQ NCERT Solution for class 9 English Beehive Rain On the Roof class 9 MCQ were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these Rain On the Roof class 9 MCQ Question and Answer Really effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts.

Question:1 select the name of the poet of the poem’ Rain on the Roof’

  1. Robert Frost
  2. Subramanian
  3. Coates Kinney
  4. W.B Yeats

Question:2 what makes an echo in the poet’s mind ?

  1. His poverty
  2. His successes
  3. The music of pattering rain
  4. all these things

Question:3 what does the poet listen ?

  1. the sweet music of inserts
  2. sweet music of piano
  3. the sweet music of raindrops
  4. all the options are incorrect

Question:4 what does the poet attach the darkness with ?

  1. Joyful Mood
  2. sadness
  3. Pleasant
  4. Soothing

Question:5 where does the poet’s mother live ?

  1. In another town
  2. in a village
  3. with the poet
  4. she has died

Question:6 where is the rain making a noise ?

  1. in the room
  2. on the roof
  3. in the garden
  4. in the lanes

Question:7 what is bliss in the poem for the poet ?

  1. his memories
  2. his mother
  3. listening to the sound of rainfall
  4. All

Question:8 what tinkles on the Shingles ?

  1. raindrops
  2. hailstones
  3. brass-bells
  4. silver bangles

Question:9 what is a bliss for the poet ?

  1. bathing in the rain
  2. getting a lot of money
  3. going to an office in rain
  4. lying on the bed in a joyful mood

Question:10 what are the humid shadows doing in the sphere ?

  1. steeping
  2. resting
  3. floating in the air
  4. doing nothing

Question:11 what haunts the poet in the poem ?

  1. his friends
  2. sounds of rainfall
  3. his mother’s memory
  4. None

Question:12 are darling dreamers in the poem ?

  1. children who miss their mothers
  2. mothers
  3. hard working mothers
  4. poet’s memories

Question:13 what is the favourite activity of the poet during the rainy season ?

  1. listening to the music
  2. eating snack
  3. roaming on the roof
  4. lie on the bed and listen to the pitter-patter sound of the rain

Question:14 what does this poem talk about ?

  1. about rain
  2. rainfall and disturbance
  3. healing powers of the rain
  4. All

Question:15 what does’ list mean in this poem ?

  1. used as a word for “listen”
  2. An arranged order of items on a paper
  3. push
  4. forget

Question:16 whose fond look the poet finds on himself ?

  1. Mother earth
  2. Darling dreamers
  3. His mother
  4. The rain

Question:17 what is the central theme of the poem ?

  1. Rain makes one melancholic
  2. Rain brings back several memories and imaginations.
  3. Rain provides peace
  4. Both B and C

Question:18 Ere she left them till the dawn” who left ?

  1. The rain
  2. Poet’s mother
  3. Poet’s sister
  4. None of the above

Question:19 what does “refrain” mean in this poem ?

  1. Indicates repetitiveness
  2. Keeping away
  3. selling off
  4. Indicates staying apart

Question:20 “As I list to this refrain”- what is being referred to as refrain ?

  1. The repetitive rhythm of the brain
  2. the act of staying away
  3. Looking at the rains
  4. Holding on the raindrops

Question:21 Choose a word from the poem that indicates the time of he day

  1. Humid shadow
  2. Woof
  3. Ere
  4. Dawn

Question:22 The last stanza of the poem reflects .

  1. The calmness of rainy season
  2. Poet’s immense love for his mother
  3. poet’s way of admiring nature
  4. Both A and B

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