Rain On the Roof class 9 Poem 3 MCQ Question and Answer

Rain On the Roof class 9 Poem 3 English Beehive MCQs Question and Answer

Rain On the Roof class 9 MCQ NCERT Solution for class 9 English Beehive Rain On the Roof class 9 MCQ were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these Rain On the Roof class 9 MCQ Question and Answer Really effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts.

To the little girl, he was a figure to be feared and avoided. Every morning before going to work he came into her room and gave her a casual kiss, to which she responded with “Goodbye, Father”. And oh, there was a glad sense of relief when she heard the noise of the carriage growing fainter and fainter down the long road!

In the evening when he came home she stood near the staircase and heard his loud voice in the hall. “Bring my tea into the drawing room… Hasn’t the paper come yet? Mother, go and see if my paper’s out there — and bring me my slippers.”

“Kezia,” Mother would call to her, “if you’re a good girl you can come down and take off father’s boots.” Slowly the girl would slip down the stairs, more slowly still across the hall, and push open the drawing-room door. By that time he had his spectacles on and looked at her over them in a way that was terrifying to the little girl. Well, Kezia, hurry up and pull off these boots and take them outside. Have you been a good girl today?” “I d-d-don’t know, Father.”

Question:1 select the name of the poet of the poem’ Rain on the Roof’

  1. Robert Frost
  2. Subramanian
  3. Coates Kinney
  4. W.B Yeats

Question:2 what makes an echo in the poet’s mind ?

  1. His poverty
  2. His successes
  3. The music of pattering rain
  4. all these things

Question:3 what does the poet listen ?

  1. the sweet music of inserts
  2. sweet music of piano
  3. the sweet music of raindrops
  4. all the options are incorrect

Question:4 what does the poet attach the darkness with ?

  1. Joyful Mood
  2. sadness
  3. Pleasant
  4. Soothing

Question:5 where does the poet’s mother live ?

  1. In another town
  2. in a village
  3. with the poet
  4. she has died

Question:6 where is the rain making a noise ?

  1. in the room
  2. on the roof
  3. in the garden
  4. in the lanes

Question:7 what is bliss in the poem for the poet ?

  1. his memories
  2. his mother
  3. listening to the sound of rainfall
  4. All

Question:8 what tinkles on the Shingles ?

  1. raindrops
  2. hailstones
  3. brass-bells
  4. silver bangles

Question:9 what is a bliss for the poet ?

  1. bathing in the rain
  2. getting a lot of money
  3. going to an office in the rain
  4. lying on the bed in a joyful mood

Question:10 what are the humid shadows doing in the sphere ?

  1. steeping
  2. resting
  3. floating in the air
  4. doing nothing

Question:11 what haunts the poet in the poem ?

  1. his friends
  2. sounds of rainfall
  3. his mother’s memory
  4. None

Question:12 are darling dreamers in the poem ?

  1. children who miss their mothers
  2. mothers
  3. hard-working mothers
  4. poet’s memories

Question:13 what is the favourite activity of the poet during the rainy season ?

  1. listening to the music
  2. eating snack
  3. roaming on the roof
  4. lie on the bed and listen to the pitter-patter sound of the rain

Question:14 what does this poem talk about ?

  1. about rain
  2. rainfall and disturbance
  3. healing powers of the rain
  4. All

Question:15 what does’ list mean in this poem ?

  1. used as a word for “listen”
  2. An arranged order of items on a paper
  3. push
  4. forget

Question:16 whose fond look the poet finds on himself ?

  1. Mother earth
  2. Darling dreamers
  3. His mother
  4. The rain

Question:17 what is the central theme of the poem ?

  1. Rain makes one melancholic
  2. Rain brings back several memories and imaginations.
  3. Rain provides peace
  4. Both B and C

Question:18 Ere she left them till the dawn” who left ?

  1. The rain
  2. Poet’s mother
  3. Poet’s sister
  4. None of the above

Question:19 what does “refrain” mean in this poem ?

  1. Indicates repetitiveness
  2. Keeping away
  3. selling off
  4. Indicates staying apart

Question:20 “As I list to this refrain”- what is being referred to as refrain ?

  1. The repetitive rhythm of the brain
  2. the act of staying away
  3. Looking at the rains
  4. Holding on the raindrops

Question:21 Choose a word from the poem that indicates the time of he day

  1. Humid shadow
  2. Woof
  3. Ere
  4. Dawn

Question:22 The last stanza of the poem reflects .

  1. The calmness of the rainy season
  2. Poet’s immense love for his mother
  3. poet’s way of admiring nature
  4. Both A and B

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