The Duck and the kangaroo class 8 MCQ Question and Answer

The Duck and the Kangaroo class 8 Poem 6 English Honeydew MCQ Question and Answer

The duck and the kangaroo class 8 MCQ taken from NCERT Book English Honyedew were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern. Practising these the duck and the kangaroo class 8 MCQ Really effective to Improve your understanding level.

Question:1 who was it that couldn’t hop?

  1. The duck
  2. the kangaroo
  3. the frog
  4. some other animal

Question:2 The phrase “Good gracious here, shows

  1. shock
  2. anger
  3. fear
  4. surprise

Question:3 The one which moves easily over the fields and water too is

  1. the duck
  2. the kangaroo
  3. the deer
  4. the lion

Question:4 The word “gracious ” means

  1. decent
  2. good-looking
  3. kind
  4. happy

Question:5 The duck desired to

  1. say Quack
  2. stay still
  3. ride on kangaroo’s back
  4. say nothing

Question:6 Quack” is a sound made by

  1. the duck
  2. the kangaroo
  3. a ride
  4. every animal

Question:7 It promised to still and be quiet because

  1. It pleased him
  2. it was his habit
  3. it was trying to persuade kangaroo
  4. it had to go a long way

Question:8 what was expected to bring luck ?

  1. the duck
  2. the kangaroo
  3. the objection he is thinking of
  4. the travel with the duck

Question:9 Reflection means the same as

  1. work
  2. thought
  3. action
  4. attention

Question:10 The duck sat on the rock thinking

  1. about the ride
  2. of the objection raised by kangaroo
  3. about kangaroo
  4. how to get out of the pond

Question:11 The duck bought the socks

  1. to cause trouble to kangaroo
  2. to comfort himself
  3. to make the feet look better
  4. to be fashionable

Question:12 web-feet refers to the feet of

  1. the duck
  2. the kangaroo
  3. the poet
  4. the rocks

Question:13 The word “neatly’ means the same as

  1. well
  2. trimly
  3. badly
  4. beautifully

Question:14 Kangaroo was ready

  1. to marry the duck
  2. to take the duck for a ride
  3. to give the duck a cloak
  4. to give the duck a cigar

Question:15 The duck was asked to sit

  1. comfortably
  2. quietly
  3. noisily
  4. still

Question:16 where does the duck live ?

  1. Pond
  2. Jungle
  3. house
  4. hole

Question:17 who is the poet of this poem ?

  1. king lear
  2. Edward lear
  3. John keats
  4. None

Question:18 who went away ?

  1. the duck
  2. the kangaroo
  3. both of these
  4. None of these

Question:19 who bought a cloak ?

  1. The duck
  2. the kangaroo
  3. the poet
  4. all of these

Question:20 where did they want to go ?

  1. travel everywhere
  2. over the land
  3. over the sea
  4. all of these

Question:21 My life is a bore in this pond, and I long to go out in the world beyond, I wish I could hope like you! who said these words and to whom ?

  1. The Duck said to the kangaroo
  2. The kangaroo said to the duck
  3. the other birds said to the kangaroo
  4. None of these

Question:22 what did the Duck praise the kangaroo for ?

  1. For his wisdom
  2. for his hopping
  3. for his running
  4. for his swiftness

Question:23 where could the kangaroo hop ?

  1. Over the buildings
  2. over the man
  3. over the tree
  4. over the fields and the water

Question:24 what did the Duck long for ?

  1. Longed to go out in the world beyond
  2. longed to eat the juices grass
  3. longed to live with the kangaroo
  4. longed to eat insects

Question:25 where did the Duck live ?

  1. to marry him
  2. to sit still on his back
  3. to prepare food for him
  4. to make a pair of wollen socks

Question:26 How could the duck go over the land and the sea ?

  1. by ship
  2. by aeroplane
  3. by train
  4. by riding on the kangaroo’s back

Question:27 On what request does the kangaroo need a little reflection ?

  1. On the duck’s request of riding her on his back
  2. on the duck’s request of marrying with the kangaroo
  3. on the duck’s request of teaching her how to hop
  4. all of these

Question:28 what did the kangaroo think could bring him luck ?

  1. by letting the duck ride on his back
  2. by letting the duck marry him
  3. by letting the duck teach her how to hop
  4. none of these

MCQs Answers

Question NoAnswer Question NoAnswer
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The Duck and the kangaroo class 8 MCQ These are very Important MCQ taken from NCERT book Honeydew Please read all the questions. carefully and give the answer at yourself first than you can check my answer, if your answer is correct so congratulation but, if your answer is incorrect so don’t worry you can practice more only.

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