The school boy class 8 Poem 5 MCQ Question and Answer

The school boy class 8 Poem 5 English Honeydew MCQ Question and Answer

The school boy class 8 MCQ taken from NCERT Book English Honeydew were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern. practising these the school boy class 8 MCQ Really effective to Improve your understanding level.

The school boy class 8 MCQ

Question:1 when did the boy love to rise ?

  1. summer evening
  2. winter morning
  3. summer morning
  4. all of these

Question:2 what does the boy like about the hunstman ?

  1. sound of his horn
  2. hunting skills
  3. his personality
  4. all of these

Question:3 who is the poet of the poem “The school boy “?

  1. Thomas wilde
  2. william blake
  3. Rabindranath Tagore
  4. T.S Eliot

Question4: How shall the summer arise in joy, or the summer fruits appear if

  1. Buds are nipped
  2. Blossoms are blown
  3. Plants are stripped
  4. All of these

Question:5 The little ones spend the day, in

  1. sighing and dismay
  2. happiness and joy
  3. sighing and sorrow
  4. happiness and glory

Question:6 who sings along with the school boy ?

  1. Hunstman
  2. His parents
  3. skylark
  4. His friends

Question:7 The birds sing in

  1. summer
  2. winter
  3. rainy season
  4. autumn

Question:8 On a summer morning the poet sings with

  1. the skylark
  2. the hunter’s horn
  3. the birds
  4. the summer

Question:9 The summer morning is full of

  1. birds
  2. hunters
  3. music
  4. skylark

Question:10 The word “wins” Means

  1. airs
  2. sounds by blowing of horn
  3. fans
  4. songs

Question:11 at times the school boy sits drooping because

  1. he is always unhappy
  2. he does not want to study
  3. the atmosphere in the class is not good
  4. all of these

Question:12 He cannot take delight in his books because

  1. he is dull
  2. he is attracted towards nature
  3. he doesn’t like to study
  4. the books are uniteresting

Question:13 the speaker in the poem is

  1. unhappy
  2. very happy
  3. playing
  4. enjoying

Question:14 The word anxious means

  1. carefree
  2. playful
  3. happy
  4. worried

Question:15 whose parents are being referred to here ?

  1. the birds’s parents
  2. all parents
  3. of the poet
  4. of the school boy

Question:16 what is that he lates to do in summer morning ?

  1. go to school
  2. to watch the birds
  3. nature
  4. all of these

Question:17 what is natural for a bird ?

  1. to sing joyfull
  2. a caged bird
  3. go to school
  4. none of these

Question:18 who sings on every tree ?

  1. they boy
  2. monkey
  3. birds
  4. Insects

Question:19 where did the boy not find any delight ?

  1. under the tree
  2. books
  3. cage
  4. all of these

Question:20 who did the boy compare himself too ?

  1. Adults
  2. Caged birds
  3. Birds
  4. all of these

Question:21 I………….. to rise on a sunday morn”?

  1. Hate
  2. Despise
  3. Regret
  4. Love

Question:22 what drives all the joy away ?

  1. Caged bird
  2. Nip in the bud
  3. Blown blossoms
  4. school on a summer morning

Question:23 “The little ones spend the day, in …………… and ……….”

  1. Sighing, dismay
  2. Happiness, joy
  3. Happiness, joy
  4. sighing, sorrow

Question:24 Nor in my …………. can I take delight “?

  1. Book
  2. Learning power
  3. Dreary shower
  4. all of these

Question:25 The word strip’d means

  1. Deprived
  2. Uprooted
  3. Cut
  4. watered

Question:26 The Phrase “tender plants refers to

  1. The young plants
  2. the young birds
  3. the young children
  4. the tender buds

MCQs Answers

Question noAnswer Question noAnswer
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The school boy class 8 MCQ These are very Important MCQ taken from NCERT book Honeydew Please read all the questions. carefully and give the answer at yourself first than you can check my answer, if your answer is correct so congratulation but, if your answer is incorrect so don’t worry you can practice more only.

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