The Snake and the Mirror class 9 chapter 5 MCQ Question and Answer

The Snake and the Mirror class 9 chapter 5 English Beehive MCQs Question and Answer
Class 9 English chapter 5 MCQ NCERT Solution for class 9 English Beehive class 9 English chapter 5 MCQ Question and Answer were prepared according to the latest exam pattern practicing these class 9 English chapter 5 MCQ really effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts.

Question:1 The Doctor had seen the snake

  1. One more time
  2. Two more times
  3. Three more times
  4. Never again

Question:2 what did the snake to after landing on the doctor’s shoulder ?

  1. Coiled around his left arm above the elbow
  2. Coiled around his right above the elbow
  3. coiled around his neck
  4. coiled around his head

Question:3 what did the doctor do immediately after reaching his friend’s house ?

  1. Smeared Oil all over his body and took a bath
  2. Drank a glass of water
  3. Took medicines
  4. Narrated the incident of the snake

Question:4 why did the doctor have very little things to carry ?

  1. Because the storm destroyed most of the things
  2. he was too poor to have many things
  3. The room was too small to keep a lot of things
  4. Some thief had stolen most of the things

Question:5 From the doctor’s arm, the snake slithered into his ?

  1. Leg
  2. Lap
  3. Head
  4. Back

Question:6 After the doctor finished narrating his story, everyone had

  1. Become happy
  2. A Singh of relief
  3. Got bored
  4. Jumped In Excitement

Question:7 The doctor described the snake as the one

  1. Very poisonous
  2. Taken with its own beauty
  3. Thick and ugly
  4. That had bitten the thief

Question:8 why did the snake move towards the mirror ?

  1. It wanted to escape
  2. It wanted to scare the doctor
  3. it wanted to enjoy its reflection from a closer distance
  4. It wanted to bite the rats

Question:9 According to the doctor, the thief had a sense of

  1. Good clothes
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Logic
  4. None of the above

Question:10 The doctor turned to

  1. Stone
  2. Ghost
  3. Snake
  4. Devil

Question:11 How did the doctor’s wife actually look like ?

  1. Think
  2. Fat
  3. Short
  4. None of the above

Question:12 while looking at the mirror, the doctor smiled and he found his smile

  1. Unattractive
  2. Attractive
  3. wide
  4. ugly

Question:13 At what time, the next morning did the doctor take his friend and few others to move things from his room ?

  1. 0.375
  2. 0.3958
  3. 0.35416667
  4. 0.3125

Question:14 while sitting wrapped around by a snake the doctor felt

  1. The presence of God
  2. The presence of the ghost
  3. the presence of rats
  4. the presence of devil

Question:15 The snake looked at the mirror. seeing that, the doctor wandered

  1. if the snake was admiring its own beauty
  2. if it going to bite him
  3. if it’s going to make a noise
  4. if it’s going to smile

Question:16 The sex of the snake was

  1. Male
  2. Female
  3. Unknown
  4. Wild male

Question:17 what was the one thing that the thief left behind ?

  1. The mirron
  2. The book
  3. The dirty vest
  4. The coat

Question:18 The doctor ran and ran until he reached his

  1. Clinic
  2. Friend’s house
  3. Wife’s house
  4. Cousin’s house

Question:19 After the snake moved towards the mirror, the doctor was

  1. A stone in a flesh
  2. A man of flesh and blood
  3. A Crying man
  4. A paralyzed man

Question:20 what Kind of a room did the doctor live in ?

  1. A Shared apartment
  2. A hostel room
  3. An unelectrified room
  4. A PG Accomodation

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Question NoAnswer Question NoAnswer
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