In the kingdom of fools class 9 chapter 4 MCQ Question and Answer

In the Kingdom of fools class 9 chapter 4 English Moments MCQs Question and Answer

In the kingdom of fools class 9 MCQ NCERT Solution for class 9 English Moments In the kingdom of fools class 9 MCQ Question and Answer were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these In the kingdom of fools class 9 MCQ really effective to Improve yor basics and learn all the key concepts.

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class 9 english in the kingdom of fools mcq

Question:1 who was made the new king after the previous king’s execution ?

  1. The guru.
  2. The Disciple
  3. The King’s minister.
  4. The King’s son

Question:2 The dancing girl put the blame on …………

  1. The bricklayer
  2. the rich merchant.
  3. the goldsmith
  4. the rich merchant’s father

Question:3 It was decided to hang the disciple in place of the merchant because ……………

  1. he was the real culprit.
  2. he had not followed his guru’s advice.
  3. he was living in the town illegally.
  4. he was fat enough to fit the stake.

Question:4 The king said that the merchant had inherited ……….

  1. his ftaher’s richet.
  2. his father’s sins
  3. his father’s riches as well as sins
  4. None of the above

Question:5 The merchant said that his wall fell because …………….

  1. the thief had tried to break in .
  2. the wall was old and weak
  3. the bricklayer had not built it right.
  4. the hole made in it was too big .

Question:6 what did the guru think about living in the kingdom of fools ?

  1. enjoying the life fully
  2. was a good idea
  3. tension free life
  4. not a good idea

Question:7 How was the bricklayer produced before the king ?

  1. in a chariot
  2. on a horse back
  3. tied hand and foot
  4. without any chains

Question:8 The merchant told the king that his name was …………

  1. such and such
  2. so and such
  3. such and so
  4. so and so

Question:9 whom did the thief’s brother blame for his brother’s death ?

  1. the king
  2. the minister
  3. the rich merchant
  4. the thief himself

Question:10 who did the bricklayer hold responsible for making a weak wall ?

  1. the rich merchant
  2. the dancing girl
  3. the disciple
  4. the minister

Question:11 who was summoned next to the rich merchant ?

  1. the bricklayer
  2. the dancer
  3. the goldsmith
  4. the disciple

Question:12 who did the king summon for the first time ?

  1. the disciple
  2. the thief’s brother
  3. the merchant
  4. the manson

Question:13 The wall of the house collapsed on the thief. what happened to him ?

  1. his leg was broken
  2. his head injured
  3. he was seriously injured
  4. he died on the spot

Question:14 In whose house did the thief break into ?

  1. the minister
  2. the disciple
  3. a rich merchant
  4. the goldsmith

Question:15 what was the disciple’s opinion about living there ?

  1. he wanted to live there and enjoy good and cheap food
  2. he did not want to live there and cheap food
  3. he was afraid of the fools
  4. all the options are correct

Question:16 what did everything cost in the kingdom of fools ?

  1. a duddu
  2. two duddus
  3. five duddus
  4. ten duddus

Question:17 who was executed in the end ?

  1. the king and his minister.
  2. the guru and his disciple
  3. the merchant and his father.
  4. the bricklayer and the goldsmith

Question:18 what does this story speak about ?

  1. Kings
  2. Kings and their minister
  3. a kingdom ruled by a foolish king and his silly minister
  4. all

Question:19 what did the king and his minister decide to change ?

  1. people
  2. customs
  3. night with day
  4. all

Question:20 How was the night changed with day ?

  1. people would work at night and sleep during day
  2. by lighting the kingdom
  3. by decorating everything
  4. None

Question:21 How were the people made to obey the king’s orders ?

  1. by threatening to kill
  2. by speaking to them
  3. by showing them sword
  4. None

Question:22 who visited the kingdom ?

  1. a guru and his disciple
  2. a king from another kingdom
  3. a merchant
  4. a princess

Question:23 what did the guru and his disciple find at the grocery shop ?

  1. many beautiful things
  2. same price for all the things
  3. a duddu
  4. None

Question:24 why was the guru initially happy ?

  1. because of the capacity of buying all things at a nominal price
  2. because of the change systems
  3. becasue of the foolish people
  4. all

Question:25 why did guru decide to leave the place ?

  1. because of some urgent work
  2. he had a message to leave the place
  3. king ordered to leave the place
  4. because he thought that it was not safe to be with fools for a long time

Question:26 who left the city ?

  1. disciple
  2. guru
  3. silly minister
  4. king

Question:27 what did the guru tell his disciple ?

  1. The people were innocent
  2. the city was full of surprises
  3. behaviour of foolish is unpredictable and it was not safe to live with them
  4. None

Question:28 who broke into the merchant’s house ?

  1. king
  2. silly minister
  3. disciple
  4. a thief

Question:29 How did the thief enter the merchant’s house ?

  1. Jumping the wall
  2. from the backdoor
  3. by making a hole into the wall
  4. None

Question:30 what killed the thief after the loot ?

  1. a man stabbed him
  2. a knife
  3. wall of the old house fell on his head and killed him
  4. None

MCQs Answers

Question NoAnswer Question NoAnswer
Q & A

Question:1 what are the two strange things the guru and his disciple find in the kingdom of fools ?

Answer The guru and the disciple found that in the kingdom of fools people used to work during nights and sleep during days.

Question:2 why does the disciple decide to stay in the kingdom of fools ? it is a good idea ?

Answer: Disciple wanted to stay in the kingdom of food because everything was very cheap. No it was not a good idea.

Question:3 who is the real culprit according to the king ? why does he escape punishement ?

Answer: The real culprit according to the king was merchant’s father. but he had already died. so king decide that his son will be punishment. he escaped the punishment because he was too thin to fit the stake.

Question:4 what are the Guru’s words wisdom? when does the disciple remember them ?

Answer : The guru’s words were, they are all fools. this won’t last very long. and you can’t tell what they’II do to you next’ the disciple remembered them when he was arrested by the king’s men to be executed.


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