Jalebis class 8 chapter 8 MCQ Question and Answer

Jalebis class 8 chapter 8 English It so happened MCQ Question and Answer

Jalebis class 8 MCQ taken from NCERT Book English it so happened chapter 8 was prepared according to the latest Exam pattern. Practicing these Jalebis class 8 MCQ Really effective in improving your understanding level.

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Jalebis class 8 MCQ

Question:1 The child was tempted to buy jalebis but while returning from school

  1. He controlled his greed
  2. he ran to the jalebis shop
  3. he sat down and thought
  4. he threw away the rupees

Answer (A)

Question:2 what made the child control his greed for Jalebis at first?

  1. the fear of the teachers
  2. his and his family’s reputation
  3. the fear of being beaten
  4. the fear of the police

Answer (B)

Question:3 The coins were so eager to be spent that day’ says the child, in fact

  1. The coins do not speak
  2. the child’s greed was becoming
  3. the child was joking uncontrollable
  4. the child was mad

Answer (B)

Question:4 what happened when the child was buying jalebis?

  1. the child began to eat at once
  2. he suddenly saw his uncle on the
  3. the jalebis slipped from his hands
  4. other children gathered near his road

Answer (B)

Question:5 what did he find under the rock?

  1. Four rupees
  2. Two rupees
  3. A hairy worm
  4. Both A and B

Answer (A)

Question:6 what happened as a result of eating jalebis?

  1. he got schooled
  2. he lost sleep
  3. he was absent in school for the first time
  4. he was away from home

Answer (C)

Question:7 where did he reach as a result of continuous walking ?

  1. End of the earth
  2. Beginning of the sky
  3. Home
  4. kambelpur railway station

Answer (D)

Question:8 which fear was killing him?

  1. Having spent the money
  2. having to get dinner
  3. Burping out of jalebis or two
  4. having to see a doctor upon calling sick

Answer (C)

Question:9 what did he feel like when he distributed the jalebis?

  1. Governor saheb
  2. Rice distributor
  3. A noble man
  4. A great boy

Answer (A)

Question:10 what were the coins keen about that day?

  1. Being saved
  2. Being spent
  3. Being paid as fees
  4. They were keen about nothing

Answer (B)

Question:11 As a result of which standard’s examination, did he win a scholarship?

  1. Fifth standard
  2. Fourth standard
  3. Eight standard
  4. seventh standard

Answer (B)

Question:12 who said” kissa khatam, paisa hazam ?

  1. The author
  2. Master Ghulam Mohammed
  3. Halwai
  4. The oldest coin

Answer (D)

Question:13 what did he do to make the coins silent ?

  1. spent them
  2. shouted at them
  3. clenched them in his fist
  4. he did nothing to make them silent

Answer (C)

Question:14 what do coins usually do ?

  1. speak
  2. jingle
  3. sing
  4. all of the above

Answer (B)

Question:15 which standard was he in, back then ?

  1. Fifth
  2. sixth
  3. seventh
  4. Eight

Answer (A)

Question:16 who translated the lesson”jalebis” from urdu?

  1. Ahmed Nedeem Qasmi
  2. Rabindranath Tagore
  3. sufiya pathan
  4. Master Ghulam Mohammed

Answer (C)

Question:17 who collected the school fees ?

  1. Master Ghulam Mohammed
  2. Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi
  3. sufiya pathan
  4. None

Answer (A)

Question:18 what do you mean by “khanak-khanak “?

  1. To lose one’s mind
  2. jinglling sound
  3. To go mad
  4. Thumping sound

Answer (B)

Question:19 who was he supposed to show his face at Qayamat ?

  1. Master Ghulam Mohammed
  2. Allah miya
  3. his parents
  4. himself

Answer (B)

Question:20 what felt like a sin ?

  1. spending the coins
  2. looking at something in the bazaar
  3. Eating jalebis
  4. Going to schoo

Answer (B)

Question:21 what did master Ghulam Mohammed do when he gets angry ?

  1. makes the student kneel down
  2. keeps standing near the school gate
  3. Double the school fees
  4. Makes the student stand on the bench

Answer (D)

Question:22 How did the author silent the coins in his pocket ?

  1. He grabbed all of them
  2. Held them tight in his first
  3. threw them
  4. Both A and B

Answer (D)

Question:23 The Meaning of “clamour”

  1. Low noise
  2. Loud noise
  3. violet
  4. Crazy

Answer (B)

Question:24 ………. Khatm, paisa hazar

  1. Beat
  2. Jalebis
  3. Kissa
  4. all of thse

Answer (C)

Question:25 How did the jalebis look like?

  1. Crisp
  2. Fresh
  3. Full of sweet syrup
  4. all of these

Answer (D)

Question:26 In which standard he won a scholarship of four rupees a month?

  1. Third
  2. Fourth
  3. second
  4. Fifth

Answer (B)

Question:27 Why did he rush out of the barefoot and run towards the bazaar?

  1. To buy his shoes
  2. To pay his school fees
  3. To have hot jalebis
  4. None of these

Answer (C)

Question:28 The ………… opened up a whole newspaper and heaped a pile of jalebis on it’

  1. Halwai
  2. Chachajaan
  3. Master Ghulam Mohammad
  4. None of these

Answer (A)

Question:29 whom did he spot on their tonga while he was gathering ip the heap ?

  1. Halwai
  2. Master Ghulam Mohammad
  3. His father
  4. Chachajaan

Answer (D)

Question:30 where was Chachajaan returning from?

  1. Market
  2. Court
  3. school
  4. Office

Answer (B)

Question:31 If anyone pressed his stomach, where would his jalebis have popped out of ?

  1. Eyes
  2. Ears
  3. Nostrils
  4. Both B and C

Answer (D)

Question:32 whom did he distribute jalebis among?

  1. His friends
  2. children from neighborhood
  3. his family
  4. None of them

Answer (B)

Question:33 what did he feel himself like when he distributed the jalebis among the children?

  1. Governor sahed
  2. Prime mnister
  3. head of panchayat
  4. all of them

Answer (A)

Question:34 Did he eat his dinner that night?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Maybe
  4. not mentioned

Answer (A)

Question:35 what was the author suffering from that night when he laid?

  1. Headache
  2. Joint pain
  3. stomach ache
  4. Fever

Answer (C)

Question:36 children don’t have stomachs they have …..’

  1. Brain
  2. Digestion machine
  3. heart
  4. none of these

Answer (B)

Question37 Did he get the previous month’s scholarship that day ?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. maybe
  4. Not mentioned

Answer (B)

Question:38 what happened to him when he found out that the scholarships were going to be paid the next month?

  1. he started crying
  2. he objected to the school authority
  3. he ran back home
  4. his head stated to spin

Answer (D)

Question:39 whom did he want to drop four rupees in his pocket?

  1. Farishta
  2. Halwai
  3. His mother
  4. Master Ghulam Mohammed

Answer (A)

Question:40 where did he reach during his endless walk?

  1. kambelpur police station
  2. kambelpur railway station
  3. Court
  4. None of these

Answer (B)

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Jalebis class 8 MCQ These are very Important MCQ taken from the NCERT book it so happened Please read all the questions. carefully and give the answer at yourself first then you can check my answer, if your answer is correct so congratulations but, if your answer is incorrect so don’t worry you can practice more only.

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