The adventures of toto class 9 chapter 2 MCQ Question and Answer

The Adventures of Toto class 9 chapter 2 English Moments MCQs Question and Answer

The Adventures of toto class 9 MCQ NCERT Solution for class 9 English Moments The adventures of toto class 9 chapter 2 MCQ Question and Answer were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these The adventures class 9 MCQ Really effective to Improve your basics and learn all the key concept.

Question:1 How did Toto have his bath in winter ?

  1. Grandfather took him to a well daily.
  2. Grandmother gave him a large bowl of warm water.
  3. The writer gave him a bath in the sunny compound.
  4. Toto would go into the bathroom and have a nice bath.

Question:2 How did the ticket-collector come to know that there was a monkey in Grandfather’s kit-bag ?

  1. Tow had started jumping in the bag
  2. Tow had torn open his bag
  3. Toto had suddenly poked his head out of the bag.
  4. Tow had started squeaking loudly in the bag.

Question:3 why did the ticket-collect not charge grandfather for carrying a tortoise with him ?

  1. Because the tortoise was not a quadruped.
  2. Because the tortoise was not a monkey.
  3. Because the tortoise was not a dog.
  4. Because the tortoise was not a human being.

Question:4 How much did the ticket-collector charge as Toto’s fare ?

  1. Three rupees
  2. Four rupees
  3. Five rupees
  4. Six rupees

Question:5 where had the writer’s grandfather to go and why ?

  1. To Dehradun to collect his pension
  2. To Dehradun to meet an old friend
  3. To saharnpur to collect his pension
  4. To saharanpur to meet an old friend.

Question:6 what did Grandfather try to convince the ticket-collector about ?

  1. That Toto was not a dog
  2. That Toto was not a quadruped
  3. both A and B
  4. Neither A and Nor B

Question:7 who is the writer of the story, the adventures of Toto ?

  1. Mulk Raj Anand
  2. Ruskin Bond
  3. R.K Laxman
  4. Harsh mander

Question:8 How was toto taken to saharanpur ?

  1. In a basket
  2. In a little cage.
  3. In a canvas kit-bag
  4. In a big black plastic bag

Question:9 How did grandfather react when toto tore the writer’s school blazer into shreds ?

  1. he was terribly angry
  2. he beat the monkey with a stick
  3. he seemed pleased with the monkey’s performance.
  4. He decided to give the money back to the tonga-driver

Question:10 where did the writer’s grandfather live ?

  1. In Dehradun
  2. In saharanpur
  3. In Delhi.
  4. In Mumbai

Question:11 Before the coming of toto, grandfather’s pets included…………

  1. a tortoise and a pair of rabbits
  2. a tame squirrel and a pet goat
  3. a tortoise and a pet goat.
  4. a tortoise a pair of rabbits. a tame squirrel and the writer’s pet goat.

Question:12 why was it decided to keep toto’s presence a secret from grandmother?

  1. because she did not like monkeys.
  2. Because there was no space for it in the house
  3. Because she always fussed when grandfather brought home some new bird or animal
  4. because she had always a great fear of birds and animal

Question:13 what did toto do with the writer’s school blazer ?

  1. He tore it into shreds
  2. he wore it on his back
  3. he threw it out of the window
  4. he made it into his bedding.

Question:14 what would grandmother do when grandfather brought home some new bird or animal ?

  1. she always fussed
  2. she felt very happy
  3. she would start crying
  4. she started playing with it

Question:15 Grandfather believed that ………….. added to anybody’s good looks

  1. a nose.
  2. a tail
  3. a tall body
  4. a fair complexion.

Question:16 what sort of relationship was there between Toto and Nana ?

  1. they were fast friends
  2. they never became friends
  3. they enjoyed their relation a lot
  4. None of these options

Question:17 which other animals except toto did accompany grandfather saharanpur. ?

  1. Nana
  2. dog
  3. tortoise
  4. pet cat

Question:18 who was nana ?

  1. The writer’s maternal grandfather
  2. The family donkey in grandfather’s house.
  3. Grandfather’s pet tortoise
  4. Grandfather’s pet lizard

Question:19 what did the ticket-collector classify toto as?

  1. As a dog
  2. as a monkey
  3. as a quadruped.
  4. As a reptile.

Question:20 who is the author of ‘ the adventure of toto ?

  1. M.hamnel
  2. Ruskin bond
  3. Villager
  4. Gardener

Question:21 Grandfather bought toto from a ……….

  1. Tonga Driver
  2. Doctor
  3. Businessman
  4. None

Question:22 Grandfather had to go to …………….. to collect his pension .

  1. Delhi
  2. Kanpur
  3. Saharanpur
  4. None

Question:23 which coloured bag was prepared for toto ?

  1. Yellow
  2. white
  3. Green
  4. black

Question:24 Name of the Donkey was …………..

  1. Nana patekar
  2. Dehradun
  3. Both and A and B
  4. Nana

Question:25 what is this story about ?

  1. humour and adventures of a naughty monkey, toto
  2. love animals
  3. about habitatas of monkeys
  4. None

Question:26 From where did grandfather buy the monkey ?

  1. From the market
  2. from a shop
  3. from the jungle
  4. from a tonga driver

Question:27 why did grandfather buy the monkey ?

  1. to have a companion
  2. to help him
  3. to add to the collection of animals in zoo at his home
  4. None

Question:28 why was toto kept secretly ?

  1. To save from other animals
  2. because grandmother dislike animals
  3. Because he was naughty
  4. None

Question:29 The other animals in grandfather’s private zoo were at who’s mercy ?

  1. grandfather’s
  2. writer’s mercy
  3. grandmother’s
  4. toto’s mercy

Question:30 why did the ticket-collector not charge grandfather for carrying a tortoise with him ?

  1. Because the tortoise was not a quadruped
  2. because the tortoise was not monkey
  3. because the tortoise was not a dog.
  4. because the tortoise was not a human being .


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