Evans Tries an O-level class 12 chapter 7 MCQ Question and Answer

Evans Tries an O-leve class 12 chapter 7 English vistas MCQ Question and Answer

Evans Tries an O level class 12 MCQ NCERT Solution for class 12 English Vistas were prepared according to the lates Exam pattern Practicing these Evans Tries an O level class 12 MCQ really effective to Improve your basics and learn all the key concept.

Evans Tries an O level class 12 MCQ

Question:1 Name the author of the lesson ?

  1. william blake
  2. sir johnson
  3. H.L hedge
  4. Norman colin Dexter

Question:2 why did Evan decide to take the O-level exam ?

  1. To keep his hat on his head
  2. To study
  3. To add to his academics
  4. To plan an escape from the prision

Question:3 what kind of a person was evans ?

  1. Kleptomaniac
  2. pleasing persobality and a tendency to mislead
  3. stealing habit
  4. all of these

Question:4 why was Evans called Evans the break ?

  1. Because of his pleasing personality
  2. because he keeps hat on his head
  3. for escaping from prison thrice
  4. all of these

Question:5 why did Evans drape a blanket around his shoulder ?

  1. To conceal his efforts of changing dress to look like MC leery
  2. because he was feeling cold
  3. to hide himself from the police
  4. all of these

Question:6 what two purpose did he correction slip serve ?

  1. To give correct name of hotel to Evans and exact date and time of exam to start
  2. to help evan escape
  3. To inform Evan gang his plan of escape
  4. all of these

Question:7 How did Evans escape from the jail ?

  1. by jumping the wall
  2. by befooling the watchman
  3. his friend prison officer released him
  4. all of these

Question:8 who ordered Evans to take off his hat ?

  1. jackson
  2. stephens
  3. the Governer
  4. None of these

Question:9 who checked the cell thoroughly ?

  1. The police
  2. The governor
  3. Jackson and stephens
  4. stephens

Question:10 why did Evans request not to take off his hat ?

  1. He was feeling gold
  2. to give a smart look
  3. he loved to wear
  4. Evans considered it lucky for himself

Question:11 How could Evans plan of escape become a success ?

  1. Because of his wits
  2. because he keeps his hat on his head
  3. because he was cunning
  4. All of these

Question:12 whom did stephen actually catch ?

  1. MC leery
  2. Evans
  3. A thief
  4. All of these
Evans Tries an O level class 12 MCQ

Question:13 who was MC leery ?

  1. Evan’s friend
  2. Policeman
  3. The invigilator who had been appointed by the Governor to Invigilate
  4. Inspector

Question:14 How did Evan outwit the Governor?

  1. by taking exam
  2. by putting his hat
  3. by keeping a letter
  4. by escaping again

Question:15 How was the Governor able to locate Evans?

  1. by putting together 6 figures
  2. by decoding
  3. with the help of ordance survey map of oxfordshire
  4. all of these

Question:16 what was the name of the hotel where Evans was staying ?

  1. Palampur
  2. The Golden palms
  3. The Golden Era
  4. The golden Lion

Question:17 what aided Evan’s arrest ?

  1. His friends
  2. His gang
  3. secret agents
  4. the clues Evan left

Question:18 where were the clues left ?

  1. On the table
  2. In the cell
  3. On the mobile
  4. on the question paper

Question:19 From whom did the Governor receive the first call ?

  1. Assistant secretary
  2. joint secretary
  3. Assistant commissioner
  4. All of these

Question:20 what did the Governor want carter to do ?

  1. He wanted him to check Evan
  2. he wanted him to go with Evan
  3. He wanted him to accompany him
  4. he wanted him to accompany injured MC leery

Question:21 what was there in the small brown suitcase that MC leery carried ?

  1. sealed question papers
  2. yellow invigilation form
  3. special authentification card
  4. All of these

Question:22 what did the Governor tell the secretary of the examination board ?

  1. Evan is a pleasing person
  2. can imitate stars and was star of Christmas concert
  3. was a kleptomanic
  4. All of these

Question:23 How can we say that Evan could not get through the O-level German examination ?

  1. He is unable to understand even simple expression like Guten Gluck
  2. he didn’t study
  3. didn’t attend any class
  4. was behind the boys

Question:24 why was Evan keeping the hat on his head ?

  1. To cheat
  2. To avoid cold
  3. To avoid being detected as had clipped his hair short to look like MC leery
  4. To give a smart look
Evans Tries an O level class 12 MCQ

Question:25 what precaution did the authorities take to conduct the examination smoothly ?

  1. The Governor personally supervised security
  2. Evan’s cell was checked thoroughly
  3. All belongings were taken away from Evan. the Invigilator was frisked and a police officer was posted to keep a vigil
  4. All of these

Question:26 what made Evan have his last laugh ?

  1. His friend a prison officer opened his handcuffs and helped him to escape
  2. Evan was locked up
  3. Evan was released
  4. None of these

Question:27 what should be the Governor’s plan to bring Evan back to prison from the hotel ?

  1. He should have sent him by air
  2. he should have sent him with more people
  3. he himslef should have travelled along
  4. None of these

Question:28 who arrived first on the scene after stephen found MCleery ?

  1. Jackson
  2. stephens
  3. Detective superintender carter
  4. None

Question:29 The Governor of ——- contacted the secretary of Examination on the telephone

  1. Newbury prison
  2. Radcliff Prison
  3. Elsfield priosn
  4. Oxford prison

Question:30 Evans had escaped from jail

  1. 3 times
  2. 4 times
  3. 5 times
  4. 6 times

MCQ Answers

Question NoAnswer Question No Answer
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