The Great stone class 8 MCQ Question and Answer

The Great stone class 8 chapter 9 English honeydew MCQ Question and Answer

The Great stone class 8 MCQ Taken fron NCERT Book honeydew class 8 chapter 9 were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern practicing these The Great stone class 8 MCQ Really effective to Improve your understanding level.

Question:1 The Great stone face was

  1. Just close to Ernest’s Cottage
  2. Miles away from it
  3. Behind the cottage
  4. In front of the cottage

Question:2 The great stone face was made by

  1. Nature
  2. sculptors
  3. Ernest
  4. Ernest’s forefathers

Question:3 Many people believed that the valley was fertile because of the

  1. Good Climate
  2. River
  3. Grace of the Great stone face
  4. soil was good

Question:4 The old Prophecy was that one day a man with that face would

  1. Disappear
  2. Come to life
  3. cause havoc to the valley
  4. appear in the valley

Question:5 Ernest’s mother was

  1. His only teacher
  2. affectionate and thoughtful
  3. a well-read woman
  4. a famous woman

Question:6 when Ernest’s work of the day was over he would stand for hours before

  1. the great stone face
  2. God
  3. the villagers
  4. None of the above

Question:7 Gather gold was a

  1. rich man
  2. powerful man
  3. great soldier
  4. kind man

Question:8 what sentiments were expressed by the Great stone face ?

  1. Kindness
  2. Humour
  3. sympathy
  4. Gratitude

Question:9 How many times did the people think the prophecy to come true ?

  1. Once
  2. Twice
  3. Thrice
  4. None of these

Question:10 what was the occupation of blood and thunder ?

  1. Teacher
  2. Doctor
  3. soldier
  4. poet

Question:11 what rank did blood and thunder hold ?

  1. Colonel
  2. Commander
  3. Officer
  4. General

Question:12 why did he wish to return to the native valley ?

  1. To earn money
  2. To reflex
  3. To get medical treatment
  4. To fight in the war

Question:13 That which is looking very kindly is

  1. Great stone face
  2. the mother
  3. the poet
  4. Gathergold

Question:14 Ultimately there appears a man with such a face who is

  1. a poet
  2. Gathergold
  3. Ernest
  4. General Blood-and thunder

Question:15 All Ernest’s education come from

  1. His mother
  2. Great stone face
  3. a teacher
  4. the society

Question:16 The great stone face was able to

  1. Feed Ernest
  2. Look after Ernest
  3. Talk to Ernest
  4. Inspire and encourage Ernest

Question:17 The Inhabitants of the village

  1. took some notice of him
  2. took no notice of him
  3. sent him a notice
  4. got a notice from him

Question:18 The villagers pardoned his folly which was

  1. to take little notice
  2. to have nothing remarkable
  3. to labour all day
  4. to look upon the great stone face

Question:19 who would resemble the Great stone face ?

  1. the greatest and holest man
  2. The poet
  3. The kind man
  4. the healthy man

Question:20 what was the great stone face ?

  1. A refclection
  2. A work of nature
  3. An artificial creation
  4. None of the above

Question:21 whose noise was head ?

  1. The noise of birds
  2. The noise of drums
  3. the noise of people
  4. the noise of wheels

Question:22 why did the people of valley leave their work ?

  1. To see the great stone face
  2. to see the poet
  3. to see the general
  4. none of these

Question:23 when did the rocks give the impression of a human face ?

  1. On reaching near
  2. through a hole
  3. with the help of camera
  4. from a distance

Question:24 why does the author call the face “alive “?

  1. It exactly looked like a human face
  2. It was alive
  3. It resembled a human being
  4. None of these

Question:25 where had the man (shopkeeper) settled after leaving the valley ?

  1. At a company’s godown
  2. At a distant seaport
  3. In a Museum
  4. On the hillslopes

Question:26 The man, Gathered was very

  1. Rich
  2. Cruel
  3. Polite
  4. shrewd

Question:27 who was called the resemblance of Great stone face ?

  1. The poet
  2. Ernest
  3. Gathergold-the shopkeeper
  4. The general

Question:28 who told the story of Great stone face’ to Ernest ?

  1. His teacher
  2. His mother
  3. His grandfather
  4. His father

Question:29 where did he spend his childhood ?

  1. In a garden
  2. In the log cottage
  3. In a school
  4. In the hut

Question:30 who was the ceneral ?

  1. A rich man
  2. A native of that valley
  3. A nobleman
  4. A native of the nearby valley

Question:31 The word “Industrious” Means the sama as

  1. The owner of an industry
  2. Industrial
  3. hardwaorking
  4. Ran an Industry

Question:32 At what time did Ernest and his mother sat outside their cottage ?

  1. sunset
  2. sunrise
  3. midnight
  4. Dawn

Question:33 what brightened all it’s features ?

  1. Torchlight
  2. Moonlight
  3. sunlight
  4. snow

Question:34 The Great stone face was only visible from a particular distance. true or false ?

  1. True
  2. False
  3. Partially true
  4. Partially false

Question:35 One would lose the outline if they went to …

  1. Far
  2. Near
  3. Low
  4. High

Question:36 who did people believe they owned the fertility of the valley to ?

  1. Ernest
  2. Rainfall
  3. The great stone face
  4. The Prophecy

Question:37 did Ernest want to live enough to see the prophecy come true ?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Maybe
  4. Not mentioned in the story

Question:38 ———- was an affectionate and thoughtful woman.

  1. Ernest’s neighbour
  2. Ernest’s grandmother
  3. Ernest’s great grandmother
  4. Ernest’s mother

Question:39 Did Ernest ever forget the story his mother told him ?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Maybe
  4. None of these

Question:40 Ernest was a happy and pensive child. what do you mean by the word’ pensive”?

  1. thoughtful
  2. helpful
  3. beautiful
  4. Grateful

MCQ Answers

Question NoAnswer Question NoAnswer
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The Great stone class 8 MCQ Taken From NCERT book these are very Important MCQs Read carefully and give the answer at yourself .if your answer is correct so congrats but if your answer is wrong so don’t worry you can practice is more. if you practice more, will you learn to answer quickly.

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