A short Monsoon Diary class 8 MCQ Question and Answer

A short Monsoon Diary class 8 chapter 8 English honeydew MCQ Question and Answer

A short Monsoon Diary class 8 MCQ Taken From NCERT Book English Honeydew were prepared according to the latest Exam pattern. A short Monsoon Diary class 8 MCQ Really effective to Improve understanding level.

Question:1 This Diary is written by

  1. Michael Morpurgo
  2. S.D Sawat
  3. Satyajit Ray
  4. Ruskin Bond

Question:2 what did the leopard do yesterday afternoon ?

  1. Lifted a parrot
  2. Lifted a cat
  3. Lifted a pony
  4. Lifted a dog

Question:3 who did the leopard atteck in the evening ?

  1. A dog
  2. One of Bijju’s cows
  3. A cat
  4. A parrot

Question:4 what happened on the first day of monsoon ?

  1. There was a lot of rain
  2. There was snow everywhere
  3. Mist had covered the hills
  4. A cold wind was blowing

Question:5 what change took place in the forest ?

  1. The forest was deathly still
  2. The forest was covered with water
  3. The trees got uprooted
  4. None of these

Question:6 what had happened to the birds ?

  1. They started singing
  2. they started chirping
  3. they went to their nests
  4. the stopped singing and were slinet

Question:7 To whom is bijju calling through the mist ?

  1. The author
  2. his master
  3. his sister
  4. his father

Question:8 which were the new animals during monsoon ?

  1. scarlet minivets
  2. new crops
  3. new fruits
  4. some insects

Question:9 why coulnd’t the birds hide themselves ?

  1. They were very naughty
  2. They were very bright
  3. Both
  4. None

Question:10 who came along with the minivets ?

  1. A pair of drongos
  2. some birds some
  3. Insects
  4. Butterflies

Question:11 who are scarlet minivets ?

  1. An Insects
  2. A kind of butterfly
  3. A kind of bird
  4. Bright red bird like a cuckoo

Question:12 which animals take shelter in roofs, attics etc?

  1. Rodents
  2. snakes
  3. Both
  4. Insects

Question:13 who blunders in the rooms in rainy season ?

  1. Rat
  2. snake
  3. Chuchunder
  4. Insects

Question:14 which all flowers were displayed on hills ?

  1. Ground orchids
  2. Magenta dahlias
  3. wild dahlias
  4. all of these

Question:15 The rodents live in

  1. dens
  2. nests
  3. burrows
  4. stables

Question:16 what does the sun strike on the left of the writer ?

  1. The hill
  2. The valley
  3. The mountain
  4. None of these

Question:17 what is a woman doing ?

  1. Chopping up sticks
  2. Cooking food
  3. washing clothes
  4. nothing

Question:18 How was the weather ?

  1. Endless rain and permanent mist
  2. winter
  3. summer
  4. all

Question:19 what are the hillsides lush with

  1. Fruits
  2. seasonal vegetables
  3. monsoon flowers
  4. beautiful leaves

Question:20 The author could hear bijju but could not see him because of

  1. the distance
  2. the wall
  3. the mist
  4. all

Question:21 The ‘ good sound’ is preduced by

  1. rain only
  2. tin roofs only
  3. rain and tin roofs
  4. rain and leaks

Question:22 what happens to the clouds ?

  1. The clouds began to roar
  2. the clouds began to break up
  3. the clouds brought rain
  4. None of these

Question:23 Monsoon rain is

  1. cold and unplesant
  2. very small
  3. warm and humid
  4. hot

Question:24 In his Diary the author is describig

  1. shimla
  2. Mussoorie
  3. Ooty
  4. None of these

Question:25 The drongos

  1. sing like minivets
  2. are very beautiful
  3. are there in all season
  4. charge the minivets away

Question:26 The sound of the falling rain on tin roof

  1. annoys the author
  2. helps the author to read
  3. disturbs the author
  4. None

Question:27 Insectivorous birds are happy in the monsson season

  1. as they get plenty of food
  2. because they love water
  3. as the weather is to their liking
  4. None

Question:28 who are the obnoxious visitors that arrive at the hill station ?

  1. Leopards and leeches
  2. Drongos and minivets
  3. Drongos and leopards
  4. Leopards and minivates

Question:29 Fearing whom does the leopards run away ?

  1. Bijju
  2. Bijju’s sister
  3. Bijju’s grandmother
  4. Bijju’s mother

Question:30 The hillsides are lush because of the appearance of flowers during .

  1. Rarly monsoon
  2. mid monsoon
  3. late monsoon
  4. end of monoon

Question:31 A short Monsoon Diary’ has excerpts from the diary of ——–

  1. Paulo Coelho
  2. Ruskin Bond
  3. H.P.S Ahluwalia
  4. None of the above

Question :32 How did he describe the early monsoon rain ?

  1. Cold and humid
  2. Cold and Breezy
  3. Warm and humid
  4. warm and Breezy

Question:33 what all did the mist do ?

  1. Conceal the hills
  2. silence the birds
  3. make it feel as if it were midnight
  4. all of these

Question:34 The ———— affords a certain privacy”.

  1. Cobra lily
  2. Rain
  3. Biju
  4. Mist

Question:35 which plant reared its head as the author walked till the bank and post office ?

  1. Cobra lily
  2. Ground orchids
  3. Dahlias
  4. None of these

Question:36 which seasonal visitors did the rain herald ?

  1. Leopard
  2. Thousand leeches
  3. Only A
  4. Both A and B

Question:37 who did the seasonal visitor lift from the near servant’s quarters ?

  1. Dog
  2. Cat
  3. Leopard
  4. All of these

Question:38 what is the colour of female scarlet minivets ?

  1. Red
  2. Yelllow
  3. Pink
  4. Green

Question:39 which birds flit silently among the leaves like brilliant jewels ?

  1. Scarlet minivet
  2. Drongos
  3. Leech
  4. None of these

Question:40 who chases the minivets away ?

  1. Drongos
  2. Leopard
  3. Leeches
  4. scarlet minivet

Question:41 which birds cannot conceal themselves ?

  1. Drongos
  2. scarlet minivet
  3. Cuckoo
  4. None of these

Question:42 Now that the rains are here, there is no dearth of food for the …………….’

  1. Insectivorous birds
  2. Carnivorous birds
  3. Herbivorous birds
  4. None of the above

Question:43 what is the meaning of “drumming’ in context of the lesson ?

  1. Playing of the drums
  2. Falling noisily
  3. Excercising
  4. None of these

Question:44 what do you mean by the word ‘ ravine”?

  1. Rain
  2. Devine
  3. Plateau
  4. valley

MCQ Answers

Question NoAnswer Question NoAnswer
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